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Giving My Mom Some Company

Hey hunny do you think you could help me out and rub some oil on my back?
Uh, sure no problem
Thanks baby, I just don’t want to burn…
So hows dad’s business trip going?
Oh he said it’s going well.. Oh sweetie, that feels so good.. maybe I should take the bikini off so you can rub me down real good, go ahead and rub a little lower..
Are you sure mom?
Yes baby, don’t stop…
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Helpful Sister 1

Dear diary,  yesterday I fucked my brother! Yup, it finally happened in our hotel room waiting for mom and dad to finish with their business and mostly being bored out of our minds. I wanted to go out and see what was there to do in that stupid little town our parents dragged us into. But my brother kept saying he wouldn’t go out, that he’s not feeling well… And after a little bit of expert questioning the reason came out: he had blue-balls because we’ve been cooked up in this room together for days and he didn’t get a chance to masturbate!

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There always had been some degree of sexual tension between us but this is what drove us over the edge! I found myself telling him that it’s alright, that he should pull his cock out and jerk off right there, in front of me! I even surprised myself a little bit but I found the notion of seeing my brothers erect penis in front of me strangely arousing… It took a little bit of convincing but he finally let go and started masturbating. He wasn’t very comfortable about it though, so, before I realized what I was doing, I found myself on my kneed sucking and deepthroating his already hard cock! He got comfortable real fast then, hehe, as I was slowly moving my lips up and down his big dick! After that crucial and extremely hot BlowJob we quickly got to fucking.

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I was really nervous and shy at first but Daddy helped by telling me how I was being such a good, big girl. I loved every second of it and how it tasted, and how daddy finished all over my face at the end. It was much better than my lollipop! I can’t wait to do it more and more and get better every time

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Phenec got into some legal troubles. She was caught stealing a car….and when her court date arrived…both her Dad and her Brother presumed she would be going to jail. In a bizarre twist of events, however….Phenec shows up back home, saying that the Judge sentenced her to 200 Community Service Blowjobs!! Dad and Brother Peter offer to let her begin by sucking them off…so she can get a quick 2 blowjobs under her belt. Phenec proceeds to suck Dad and Peter, until Peter cums in her mouth. Dad decides that Phenec’s delinquent behaviour deserves some “extra” punishment….so he orders Phenec to take off her pants…and take a hard pounding to her cunt!! Phenec cries as Daddy pumps her…and Dad makes her take his load all over her face. Hopefully she will learn her lesson…and she has 198 more Community Service Blowjobs to go!!

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Mom Catches Husband with Their Daughter

Daughter comes home very early in the morning and wakes daddy who is asleep on the couch. She is hot and horny and didn’t get what she needed from the club and wants daddy to help her out. So after a blowjob and some pussy eating, daddy fucks his daughter hard missionary right there on the couch. Just as the two are finishing, Mommy walks it to confront them and the family secrets are all out in the open.

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