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Cecilia Lion – Sister Trail of Lies

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Reagan Foxx – Mommy’s Free Pass

Hunter tells his mom the story, full of all the dirty little details, of how he was caught cheating on his fiance with an intern at his work. He feels terrible about the infidelity and is trying to make amends to his future wife. Darlene delicately tells him about her secret arrangement with his father, the couple are both allowed a “free pass” to sleep with anyone they choose once a year. Hunter’s cock twitches when Darlene reveals the sordid details of her own bachelorette party, the night she went to an underground sex club and enjoyed several young cocks inside of her at once.
Can Reagan seduce her daughter in law into sleeping with her and potentially getting into a step son, daughter in law, mother-in-law/step-mother threesome. It would be really hot to see your angle on a mother daughter son threesome.

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Ryan Mclane, Violet Starr – Daddy

Jenny (Violet Starr) has a brand new step-daddy, Carson (Ryan Mclane). Jenny uses her beauty and her quick wit to manipulate Carson into staying the night. Carson is a good guy, he has a strong moral exterior that makes it all the more fun for Jenny to chip away at. Jenny slowly seduces him, breaking him down until he is powerless to resist her. Jenny’s the sort of girl who always gets what she wants.

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Codey Steele, Whitney Wright – The Auction

Kenneth (Codey Steele) is driving his step-sister, Samantha (Whitney Wright), home after a charity event. She’s equal parts annoyed and relieved that he’s with her, she agreed to something she’s not quite comfortable with, charity dating. Her boss organized a charity event where most of the girls that work for her, the most ambitious of her team, were to be auctioned off for a date to the highest bidder. Samantha stood on the stage in her evening gown when a pervy-looking old man was bidding on her, her step-brother chimed in and outbid him in a very expensive battle of bids! She never told her boss that it was, in fact, her stepbrother who won the date, and her boss is so pleased that Samantha was capable of bringing in such an impressive amount to charity. Samantha should be happy, but instead she’s confused. How did her stepbrother know what she was up to? Where did he get the money from?

Watch the story unfold..

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Family Fireworks Fuck!

Before the big Fourth of July party begins, Kenna James decides to sunbathe by the pool and when stepbrother Donnie Rock starts peeping on her she catches him and tells him that she’s still not satisfied from the last time they were together. Donnie can’t believe how far things have gone between him and his stepsis but he can’t resist the temptation to have full access to her throbbing pussy! Happy Fourth of July indeed!

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Flavor Of The Month Sister

Sweet little treat Nikole Nash is busty and horny, but she’s been super bitchy to her new stepbrother, Zach Wild. Today, she has decided to turn over a new leaf. She comes to Zach and explains that she’s unhappy now that she has to live on a farm with her new family instead of in her old home. She claims she’s going to try to help out, but she needs to change. When Nikole emerges with her work outfit, Zach is not pleased. It’s far too sexy. He claims that all the farm hands are going to want to fuck her…

In response to Zach’s accusations, Nikole claims that her new stepbrother wants her goods. She shakes what she’s got, turning around and pulling her shorts up to put pressure on that puss. When Zach doesn’t explicitly say no, Nikole comes closer and closer. Eventually she gets her hands on the stiffie poking up. Tugging Zach’s hardon out of his shorts, Nikole goes to town sucking the D. Her BJ and titty fuck only ease up when it’s time to really get it on.

Peel off her shorts, Nikole sinks down on the stiffie to go for a ride. Zach gets to enjoy his hands on that ass as he pistons in and out of her greedy snatch. When Nikole turns around to ride him right, Zack gets those full tits in his face. Nikole’s hot bod spurs Zach on as he rolls her onto her back and drives himself home. She still wants more even after he’s made her cum, so she gets on her knees and urges Zach to keep her party going. Zach delivers, banging Nikole until she’s squealing again and then helping himself to a creampie finish deep inside his stepsister’s velvet glove.

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4th Of July Wiener

Selena Love and her stepmom Lolly Dames are ready to celebrate 4th of July, but Lolly wants to make sure that Selena follows her diet and keeps practicing for her dance recital. When stepbrother Johnny arrives at the party, he starts grilling some hotdogs, and sneakily gives some to Selena who starts sucking on his wiener as a way to say thank you! Once their stepmom leaves to see some fireworks with their neighbors, Selena and Johnny go to the bedroom and finish what they started… Nothing like having a wiener for 4th of July!

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Home Of The Horny

After their 4th of July celebrations, Chad Alva notices that his dad has passed out leaving his busty stepmom Jamie Michelle to clean up after the party so Chad offers to give her a massage. One thing leads to another, and after Jamie confesses she’s always fantasized about her stepson, they both create their own fireworks as Chad finds the best way to celebrate Independence Day… by finally banging his super slutty stepmom!

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Hot Daughter Fulfills a Fantasy for Dad

Ryder Rey is a trip! She’s a saucy little spinner who loves having sex. She likes it nasty too! Watch her throw down in this new installment of Picked Up and Fucked. Spitting, riding, cream pie and all!

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Working Out With Family

While Natasha Nice goes to the gym, stepdaughter Cecelia Taylor seduces her stepdad Dan Ferrari, convincing him to fuck her while Natasha is at the gym. Later that day, Natasha finds Cecelia’s used panties in her bed, so she confronts Cecelia telling her that she’s not actually mad and instead would like to teach her a few more things she could do with her husband’s throbbing cock!

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