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Nasty Taboo Comic

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Scene One: Son’s hormones Molly is doing dishes in her robe when her son Alex walks into the room. He watches her as she bends over to put dishes in the dishwasher. More »

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Helping my Single Mom get Ready for A Date

Part 1 — My Mom’s been really lonely since Dad left, and it’s been a while. She’s been talking to some guy recently on Facebook, and I’m excited for her. She surprised me today saying she was going on a date and she needed my help picking her outfit. My Mom’s always been a free spirit, but when she changed in front of me I was SHOCKED. I feel weird about it but I really liked it. I’ve never seen my mom naked, and I was suprised at how big her tits are. I was even more suprised by how perfect and round her ass is. And her pussy is shaved!!! I’m kind of fucked up about it but she let me feel her up, and don’t tell anyone PLEASE, but I fucking LOVED it! I want to help her pick out clothes all the time now. I might even be a little jealous of her new boyfriend

Part 2 — Mom’s first date went pretty awesome, which is cool. She’s going out again tonight and seems really excited. She won’t stop talking about the guy. I was feeling a little jealous, but today, she came into my room and spend some time with me and gave me some motherly attention. I feel really weird about it, but my mom said she hasn’t touched a dick in so long that she just needed to feel one, and I was such a good little helper with her wardrobe the other day, that I could help her with this. She even rubbed her pussy while I watched and stroked my cock! And she let me cum in her panties. My mom’s been pretty cool lately I hope she keeps this up

Part 3 — Mom has been really anxious about her next date with her new boyfriend. I don’t think she’s gotten any dick from him yet and she’s really nervous. She was talking about it in the kitchen earlier and I thought nothing of it until she came in wearing some see-through stripper dress — SUPER revealing wow. Then she demanded I help her calm down by making her cum with my mouth. She blows off some steam, I learn to eat pussy from Mom. It’s a win-win

Part 4 — OMG my mom walked in on me jerking off!! I was so embarrassed but it actually worked out pretty good for us lol. She got to brush up on her dick sucking skills before her date, and wow she’s amazing. And I got to pump a hot load down her throat! Wow I love my mom so much

Part 5 — My mom rushed my room in a fucking fishnet bodysuit today. She was telling me her new boyfriend finally gave her some dick, but it was weak, and she needed to cum. I tried telling her no, cuz this is too weird, but she was taking what she wanted. I just want to be a good son, so I did my best. She said I was a good little helper by making her cum and she rewarded me by sucking my cock and letting me cum all over her giant tits. Wow I love my mom. This whole experience has brought us a lot closer

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Mom Eliminates Distractions 1

Joclyn is just tired of Rion’s bad grades. She wants him to have a good future and he is too distracted chasing girls to focus on his studies like he should be. Of course boys his age need to constantly release “pressure” so she can only think of one solution. She is going to make a deal to be sure he gets everything he needs from her, and he won’t waist time chasing silly little girls his age.

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Mom Eliminates Distractions 2

Joclyn gets a hold of Rion’s phone and it looks like some dirty little slut from school is sending him pictures and texts that mean Rion is about to break the deal they had. Joclyn is very firm and won’t let Rion leave for school until she makes her point

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Listening to the sound of my parents fucking

I like listening to the sound of my parents fucking. It actually turns me on. I wish one day my stepdad would fuck me like he fucks my mom….

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The Ceiling

Margo Sullivan & Kevin Cockner — Margo walked into her room just as her son was cleaning the ceiling fan like she had asked him to. While talking to him, she noticed that his shorts were baggy and gave them a tug. She asked if anyone had been that close to his dick before, then asked if mommy could give it a lick. It wasn’t long before it was hands on sex ed

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My Step Brother Is A Pervert

Classes are done for the term, and both my step-brother and I are home for summer vacation. My brother started taking a video journalism class for fun at the local community college and decided that his home life would be an interesting subject. I on the other hand, do not agree. Can’t a girl have a little peace and quiet, or at least some privacy from her annoying step-brother when she’s home for the break? Also, why am I kinda turned on by his constant presence

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Stealing my Daughter’s Innocence

Scene One: Forced to Watch

Scene Two: Use Your Daughter

Scene Three: Forced Blowjob

Scene Four: Shared Daughter

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Blackmailed Sister

A night out to remember and now I arrive home tiered and a little Tipsy… all I want to do is fall asleep, but my crafty Brother has other ideas. He sneaked into my room, found me hald asleep and simply shoved his dick into my mouth! Just like that, no warning! I was pissed off, but also, slightly aroused… and more and more aroused with every thrust of his big cock. I didn’t give in though, he was invading my privacy after all, but he started to go on about telling our mom about my Tipsyen night out so I knew I had to give in. I let go of my anger and just sucked his throbbing cock, deepthroating it until it was ready for a ride. So I jumped on top of my dear horny brother and fucked him! Afterwards I made him cum on my big titties… he loves that and I know it! I kept looking in the mirror as I was rubbing his cock and realized I like to see myself doing it, it makes everything so much dirtier! Oh well, better to sleep good and fucked and my dear Brother is quite experienced at fucking me!

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Demon Daughter

When an occult ritual goes wrong, your late blooming daughter will become possessed by a dark force. All at once her beauty and sexual energy will explode in your arms as the Demon compels her to fuck any and all men insight, including her beloved Daddy. Tell the truth now Daddy. Didn’t you always want to fuck her? Maybe now more than ever. Regardless, your Demon Daughter has an appetite that is insatiable, and she won’t be stopped… even after making you cum in all of her evil little holes.

Clip Contains: A sad girl lost in her self loathing. A father who’s doing his best to raise her. A demonic spell gone wrong. A demon longing for corporeal shape. A daughter possessed who’s insatiable lust compels her to fuck her dad and put an end to her cursed virginity. **Magic. Erotic Magic. Demon Transformation. Father/Daughter love. Vaginal Creampie. ANAL. Anal Cream Pie. Cum Play. Sloppy Slobbering Cum hungry Demon Daughter.

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