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Peter has received the new issue of Penthouse, he is really excited so he sneaks away to the bathroom to enjoy the magazine, once he gets to the centerfold, he cannot believe it, his stepsister Sloan is featuring it, so he decides to confront her, and storms into her bathroom, Sloan is shocked, to make sure their father will never find out she starts sucking Peter’s dick, but get caught by their mom Cory, they are speechless, but Cory gets horny with Sloan’s centerfold in Penthouse, so she decides to teach them how to do it, they both suck Peter’s cock simultaneously, then they take turns to fuck Peter, in every position they know until he cums on both of them.

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Lucas Frost is so out of it from the party he was at that he comes home and pees on his stepsister Gianna Dior. Gianna is rightfully upset, even more so when she realizes that Lucas has posted about his debauchery on social media! She decides the only thing to do is to pee on Lucas in return, so she goes to his room, peels her panties and thong off, and squats over him. Too bad for Gina that she can’t pee on command…

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After Alex goes on his second date with a pretty girl; his mother asks him all about it, and shows him what to do on his next date…

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Little Daughter gets caught stealing from Daddy Easter eggs instead of hiding them.

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