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Xev relishes every moment she spends worshiping your stiff cock… stimulating it until you can’t bare holding back that thick load of cum any longer. She wants it, needs it. To taste your seed, to feel it coating her face, pooled in her mouth, slipping over her tongue, flowing down her throat… over and over again.

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Your stepmom is feeling a little unattractive lately, and needs some encouragement. She’s been working out, and trying to dress sexy, but your father doesn’t even notice. He’s too busy working, or watching sports, and she’s feeling a little deprived. You think she’s hot has hell though, and aren’t afraid to let her know! Mom appreciates your words, but she’s not sure she believes you. You’re just being nice, she thinks. But there is one test to see if you’re being honest, and do think she’s hot. Mom wants to see if she can get her boy’s cock hard!

She tells you to lay down and starts to feel you over your pants – and it doesn’t take long before your sexy mom makes your cock grow. She takes it out of your pants and holds it in her soft hand. Her big tits are begging to pop out of that tight little dress she’s wearing. She takes your cock in her mouth and you can’t believe how good this feels! What the hell is wrong with your dad for not wanting to fuck her? Her mouth feels amazing and you grow even harder as she slobbers all over your dick, and takes it all the way down your throat. Your girlfriends don’t do that.

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I told my Brother that my mom confided in me that he doesn’t satisfy her in bed. That she was even thinking of divorce. He knows we are close. So he believed it. He is so sexy. I used to walk out ofthe shower in front of him when I still lived there in college because I knew he liked it. I’ve always wanted to know what his cock looks like. I love older men and I think he is the reason why. It might seem a little manipulative. But I won’t ever tell and I know he won’t either. And who knows, maybe he will please her more when I’m done with him. I’m so naughty. But I had to have him.

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Gemma is going to the Beach with her girlfriends, and she is applying sunblock. She can’t reach her back….so she asks her Brother Conor to rub some lotion on her back. Conor puts some on Gemma’s back….and then he continues….rubbing some on her legs….and then her feet. Conor can’t help but notice that…..in a tiny bikini…..his bratty Baby sister is kinda HOT!! Gemma notices that her boogerhead Brother seems to be getting turned on by her….especially as he rubs her feet….so she decides to take advantage of him!!! Gemma offers to let him have sex with her….if he’ll let her use his car to drive her friends to the Beach. Conor needs his car for work….but a hot girl in a tiny bikini has all the power in the World….even when it’s your very own little Sister!! Conor agrees to give Gemma his car…and Gemma takes hyer bikini off, and lets her stupid Brother have his way with her. Gemma even calls her girlfriend as she is being Pounded….to let her know that they don’t have to take a bus after all!!! Conor deposits his filth inside his Baby sister’s twat….gives her the keys to his car…..and bikini clad Gemma is off to a relaxing day at the Beach….while Conor must take the bus to go to work.

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I ask my sister if she wants to hang out since our parents are out. I tell her since we’re basically the same age we should be a lot closer. When she seems hesitant, I tell her I can do a magic trick that will blow her mind. I’m going to make this necklace disappear, all she has to do is focus in on it..

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Joslyn has no problem convincing her husband that he can be just a little late for work today. It helps that she’s invited him for a little morning quickie in the shower. The only problem is, her stepson, Justin is in a rush to make it to his university class, while his Dad is stuck getting chewed out by his boss. When Joslyn spies his hard cock in the shower, she’s willing to make an exception considering what Justin’s packing. She quickly convinces him that there’s no reason to make it weird – they can have a plenty of fun having a secret shower fuckfest without Justin’s Dad finding out!

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It’s a sweltering hot day outside….and the Air Conditioning is broken!! Brad is going through the fridge….trying to find something to eat….and also…just trying to keep cool!! Mom walks in the Kitchen and asks Brad what his preference is for Supper….and to Brad’s shock….Mom is Topless!! Mom is very casual about her lack of upper body clothing…..she is simply trying to make herself comfortable….and she is forgetful of the fact that her young Son is full of crazy hormones…and he is distracted and overwhelmed by the site of Tits….even his own Mom’s Tits!!! When Mom notices the massive erection she has caused in her Son’s pants…she offers to give him a quick blowjob to “relieve” his discomfort. Mom unzips Brad’s pants and sucks him off. Young Brad ejaculates in his Mother’s mouth in less than a minute…and Mom washes up…hopeful they can resume their discussion about Dinner. Brad, however, is still Very aroused by the site of his topless Mother….so Mom decides that she will have to Fuck him to make the persistent erection disappear for good. Mom straddles Brad on the floor of the Kitchen…and rides his cock. Mom is surprised how enjoyable Fucking her own Son is. Mom then bends over the Kitchen Counter and lets young Brad give her a really good, hard Pounding. Brad asks his Mom if her can cum on her big Tits….and Mom, of course, agrees to it (since her Tits caused the whole situation)…and Brad absolutely soaks his Mom’s Tits.

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Lila is a shy, young 18 Year Old, who has developed a crush on her own Dad!!! Day after day…..Lila spies on her Daddy, trying to catch a glimpse of him naked. We see Lila spying on her Dad in the shower…..we see her spying on him while he is masturbating……and Lila’s only “confidant” is her Diary. Lila makes entry after entry in her Diary about her growing feelings of sexual lust for her Dad. After seeing her Dad’s cock fully erect after watching him masturbating…..Lila can’t stand it anymore….she decides to molllest her Dad while he is asleep!! “Dear Diary….today I saw my Daddy masturbating….his cock is so big…and I want it so bad….I am going to go to his bedroom tonight and have sex with him. Daddy is a very sound sleeper, and I don’t think he will wake up. I know what I am doing is wrong….but I can’t control my feelings any longer. Please keep my secret safe, Dear Diary”. That night, Lila quietly enters her Daddy’s bedroom…..carefully peels back the covers…..and for the first time….sees her Daddy’s’ cock up close. Lila gently strokes her Daddy’s cock….and then, making sure not to wake him….she puts it inside her mouth and begins to suck on it. When her Daddy’s cock is huge and throbbing….Lila climbs on top of it and rides him!!! Lila moans in ecstasy as her firm young body rides the big, hard cock. Lila rides her Daddy so good…that he produces a “nocturnal emission”….cumming in his sleep….filling Lila’s pussy!!! Lila climbs off and scampers back to her own room before he wakes up. The secret remains with Lila….and her Diary.

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Single Mom New Dating Strategy

Son, the school called and said you came home early.. I just wanted to check and make sure you’re feeling okay… I’m just worried that you might feel weird about the other day. Mommy may have gotten a little carried away… I just think maybe we can help each other feel better. I love you so much honey, tell me you don’t feel the same….

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