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April Snow The Stranger

I’m doing it… I know, I know… But he’s real, I saw pictures and we even talked on the phone… I mean, I don’t know what he looks like but he’s got a huge cock… Don’t you think it’s kind of hot though? Having a total stranger off the internet come over and fuck you?.. It’s my ultimate fantasy… I’m sure I’ll be fine. But you’re my best friend, and I thought I should call and let you know… Just in case something does go wrong….

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Soleil gets furious with her Son Brad when he uses the “F-Word” in front of her. She does NOT tolerate swearing in her house. The last time Brad used that bad word…she washed his mouth out with soap. Apparently….that didn’t seem to teach him a lesson. Mom has a new idea, that will hopefully discourage such language. Mom strips off her jeans…bends over….and orders young Brad to Lick Her Asshole!!!! Brad refuses initially….but Mom screams at him to get down on his hands and knees…..”Get your tongue in my Asshole and clean it!!! Maybe that will teach you…..”. Brad obeys his Mom, and eats her Asshole until it is sparkling clean. He is then sent to his room. That night, at bedtime…Mom has feelings of remorse, for having invoked such a harsh punishment…so she calls Brad into her room. Mom apologizes for the severe measures taken earlier in the day…and as a peace offering….opens her legs, and tells Brad that he can now….in her words….”Lick the Front….”. Brad is hesitant. It’s his Mom after all….but free Pussy is free Pussy, right? So Brad buries his head in his Mom’s crotch…and starts licking her. Mom gets so turned on by the Cunt Licking, that she mounts Brad and Fucks him!! Then Mom insists that Brad get on top…and Pound his Mom hard!! Mom finishes Brad off by jerking him Off so hard that he cums in his own face!!!

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Sasha gets her brother alone to ask him if he misses being inside her….

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Our Family Situation

Dad confides a Family “situation” to Nadia. Mom and Dad have been wanting to have another baby…but Mom isn’t able to conceive. Dad explains the options…adopting etc…and then he tells Nadia that Mom suggested the possibility of Nadia carrying the baby….as a surrogate…since Nadia is young and strong. Dad asks Nadia if she would be willing. Nadia points out that no Doctor would inseminate her with her dad’s semen…since they are biologically related!!!
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Son Getting Mother`s Beauty Peep

Ava Adams’ husband can’t keep up with her high sex drive, she just wants to fuck all the time, and he want her to spend some time with her stepson. Xander Corvus was just strolling through the living room when he finds his new stepmom lounging almost fully naked on the couch! She tell shim to grab her big tits and he does as he’s told. After giving her a mouthful of big dick to suck on, Xander bends her over and stretches out her MILF pussy with every inch of cock she can take! After fucking her all over the living room Xander can’t hold back any longer, pulling her to her knees and glazing her huge boobs in a creamy load!

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But You Said Last Time Was The Last Time…

Petite brunette Eden Sin is spending time at home from school. She is all alone with her step dad while mom is at work. She wants to sit and watch tv but he has other ideas. Eden cuddles her stuffed animal as her step daddy takes the seat next to her. At first it is all innocent, but the man of the house quickly reveals he wants more. Eden Sin is instructed to use her hands to make him feel good. She is used to this. It is clearly not the first time the pair has engaged in this taboo behavior…Eden Sin asks him if it will be the last time and he promises it will be. But she has heard that before. Eden knows this is now going to be part of her daily activities. Her mom will leave the house and she will be expected to suck and fuck her step daddy until he explodes cum from his hard cock onto her slutty young body. Eden strokes her step father’s hard cock on the couch. He reminds her of how good she felt when he slid it inside her pussy. Eden remembers and obediently strips nude to show off her natural teen body.

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