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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been in love with my Daddy. He’s so smart, and big and strong, and he’s always worked so hard to take care of me and Mommy. Lately he’s been working even more than usual and when he’s home he’s always on the computer or reading boring books for work. The other day I decided to keep him company while he read, so I sat on his lap just like when I was little. Daddy started rubbing my leg and then looked into my eye’s. He could tell how much I wanted him, and I think I was so wet he could even feel it on his pants. Then we kissed. I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I’ve wanted to kiss Daddy like that for sooo long. But then Daddy stopped and told me to go to my room. The next day Daddy talked to me while I was in the living room hanging out. Daddy said he was sorry about what happened yesterday – that he had a moment of weakness and we had to keep it a secret. Then Mommy called and they stated talking about stupid grown up stuff like groceries and work. I knew that Daddy didn’t mean what he said, I knew he wanted me and was just scared of Mommy finding out. I quietly started rubbing Daddy’s cock with my foot, then I pulled it out and started sucking it. Daddy’s big cock got rock hard and he just kept talking to Mommy.
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Sandra’s husband is away on business and she needs something in her house “fixed” or at least that’s what she tells Susan, the mom of her barely legal neighbor. Sandra phones her neighbor Susan to ask if she can borrow her son to “help” her around the house with a few things. When the neighbor’s son arrives at Sandra’s house it’s obvious that the only thing Sandra needs from him is his cock in her mouth and a good hard fucking to go with that. Sandra seduces him and in no time she is choking on his young cock and is bent over getting fucked from behind as the neighbor’s son makes Sandra repeat to him how much bigger his dick is than her husbands!!! The video ends with Sandra bent over and her ass covered in cum as she smiles and says to her neighbor’s son, “I can’t wait to have you come over and “fix” something again.”

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I`m doing yoga to practice my kegels stepdad. Why? Because I wanna make my pussy really tight. Do you wanna see how tight my pussy is? You can feel it, but taste it?/ I`m not ok with that…

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