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It was a typical family day at the mall, a little shopping andA Chloe and her Brother having sex in the public bathroom! The family was off to the food court when Chloe said she would meet them there after she used the little girls room! She heads in the bathroom and sits down on the toilet. Next thing she knows her brother pushes the stall door open! She yells at him to get out and leave her alone because she is peeing! He opens the door slowly and reminds her that this is what she promised him. “You said Any time, Any Place I could fuck you. IA dressed up like a girl, just like you wanted and you said I could have you whatever I wanted! Guess what? I want you now!” She tries to talk him out of it saying that they could get caught and how dirty the bathroom was. She told him she would do anything he wanted at home just not here.

But he was having none of it. He puts his cock in her mouth while she finishes peeing. Once she is done he grabs her and pushes her down on her knees. With pee still dripping and her panties around her ankles she begins toA deepthroat his cock. She tries to stop a few times fearing someone was coming in and to complain how unsanitary the floor was. But he just keeps shoving his cock in her open mouth. He picks her up turns her around and starts fucking her wet pussy! As he was getting close to cumming a lady walks into the bathroom. She gasps and stares. Chloe is mortified and pulls up her panties and hides behind her brother.

They both make their way quickly out of the restroom. Once home her brother tries to start up where they left off.At ChloeA is very upset and saying that was the most embarrassing thing ever! He didn’t see the big deal at all. She couldn’t believe that he didn’t recognize who the woman was. She was one of their Mom’s dearest friends and she was for sure going to tell their Mom what she saw! What would everyone in town think of them. Her Brother looked at her and said he didn’t care what anyone thought. He loved her and didn’t care who knew it! With that they kiss and spend the rest of the night making love. It ends with her Brother shooting a huge load all over his beautiful Sisters ass! This is a “TABOO” Fetish clip.

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Mother`s Creampie

I walk into Mom’s room to see what is for breakfast. She does not hear me and I approach the door. Mom is touching herself and calling out my name. I make a small noise and she hears me. She calls me in and asks if saw her and then asks if I was enjoying the show. Before I could answer, she motions me to come over and fuck her fast. She wants a creampie and I give her one. I hope she makes me pancakes after!

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Mommy Son Dance

Mom and Son are in the living room slow dancing. They start to kiss and then start to really make out; arms wrapped around each other, etc.. The Son lays on the couch, they continue to kiss while they undress each other. He eats her out until she cums; He then fucks her missionary position, doggie and her rides her son till she cums again. Son unloads into his Mom’s mouth and she swallows all that lands on her tongue…

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My Stripper Daughter

Daughter comes home, dressed slutty, the Tipsy, red-neck Father meets her in the hallway. He yells at her about being a whore and a stripper, yells about her tattoos. She yells back, he cracks her a good one, she crashes into the wall, he pulls off his belt and whips at her legs while calling her names; whore, slut, tramp, etc., she cries/screams/begs. He stops and grabs her throat she grabs his hands and tries to pull them away, he kisses her hard, she struggles, he shoves her to the floor and starts insulting her again, he stops, yanks her shorts down, and gets on top of her, unzips his pants and makes love to her on the floor while she protests! After he is finished; he gets up, zips his pants up, and walks off while she lays there in a state of shock, staring straight up.

The Father is sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beer. The Daughter walks into the kitchen dressed slutty like she is going to work, acting like she is terrified of her Father. He says, “You going to work you little whore? You going to show them your tits and then fuck them later?” Terrified, she says, “I just dance Daddy, I just dance topless. I don’t have sex with them.” He strikes her and yells, “You lying little whore, I know what a whore you are. You’re a whore just like your mother! If you are gonna fuck every man in the town, then I’m going to get some of that pussy!” He slams her over the table, yanks her shorts down and has sex with her from behind while she begs him… He then forces her to her knees and has her give him head, he says, “You know I know you’re whore like your mother? Because you suck dick just like her.” He catches his breath, grabs her by an arm and shoves her out the door and yells, “Git whore! Git out!”

1) Bent over the Washer Machine, putting Karma thru the spin cycle.
2) Bent over the table being fucked from behind by the Father, his hands are on her hips, Daughter lets out a cry with his every thrust.
3) POV She is on her back, Dad is kneeling on her shoulders; pining her down, and fucking her hard!
4) She is pulled into the bedroom by her arms and tossed to the bed, naked and afraid… He alternates between grabbing her face and kissing her….Fucks her in various positions and cums in her mouth forcing her to swallow!

Early the next morning Karma is counting the cash she made from working in the back room of the Strip Club. Fresh out of the shower, she recounts what each guy was like as she stacks her cash. Dad walks by the bathroom and see this and watches his half naked Daughter count all that money. He is furious and busts in and wraps his hand around her throat! She did not find another job and is only striping and escorting even more!!!

Dad is in too deep to stop and pounds that tight pussy till he finishes…Like the slut Karma is, she opens her mouth and begs for his cum. Daddy fills up her mouth and walks off almost disgusted with himself for what he as done…He drags her into the bedroom and throws her to the bed as her towel flies off! Dad holds her down and he munches her shaved pussy. Karma refuses to quit her job and taunts her Father as he fucks her. She laughs and says, “The Guys at the Club fuck me harder than that Daddy!” This pisses off Daddy and he fucks her harder and holds her down by the throat. The harder he pounds the more she talks…As if she is enjoying this!

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Practicing With Your Mother

Mother and Son relationship change drastically when she comes across a dick pic that apparently is yours. When she starts to tell you your dick is bigger than her boyfriend’s, it becomes clear what she wants from you. Mother finds your on the couch and starts telling you how she doesn’t really want to go out with her boyfriend. What she really wants is to practice with a big dick again..

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All you want for Christmas is to fuck her. That sweet little body and tight holes are screaming to be touched. You come in to put her in a diaper, but she wants to you to fuck her in tight little pussy. She begs for your cock and so you slide your dick into her tight little pussy. Deep in and out. She moans with pleasure. She wants your cum inside her. So you shoot your load deep in her pussy. you pull out and put her diaper on her. So the cum will drip out into the diaper. But first you see the cum drip a little out of her. She wanted a creampie for xmas and you give her one, and then diaper her. SO HOT! Odette Delacroix loves cummies in her pussy and being diapered
The actor is walking in and Odette Delacroix is laying naked on the floor in front of the christmas tree. He has a diaper and a teddy bear with him. She is really happy to see him and shakes with her ass up and down. She does not want to put on her diaper and starts sucking his dick and licking his balls. Afterwards she lies back on the floor stroking her pussy while making baby noises. The actor inserts his dick and starts fucking her pretty hard. Then they start fucking doggystyle and after that sidewas. After cumming in her pussy Odette Delacroix starts putting on her diaper while tasting his delicious cum. She ends up cuddling with her teddy bear and falling asleep.

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ANASTASIA KNIGHT’S 1ST ANAL Ok let’s see this video was actually Anastasia’s idea. She wanted to shoot her first anal scene before she left Alaska and of course we helped her out. In this video you see her getting pounded in her tight creamy kitty, reverse cowgirl pounded in the ass, ass to cam close up anal and then she takes smash’s huge cock right out of her ass for an unexpected super sexy Ass to Mouth (ATM) close up blowjob.

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Mommy Continues To Learn Her Place

A) Mom is naked on her knees in the living room giving the Son, also naked a blowjob.
B) Mom, naked is bent over the bathroom sink, the naked Son is fucking her from behind, holding her hair in his hands. She is yelling “I love my son’s cock! I love fucking my son!”. The Son keeps telling her to say more and louder. Have him say at least once. “God damn that pussy is good.”
C) They are in bed, fuckign doggy style. Her knees are raised and pointing straight up. Her eyes are closed she is saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, Oh god please keep fucking me.”
D) She is laying on the couch naked, the Son (also naked) is fucking her while keeping her mouth shut with his hand

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Mommy’s Confession

The Son is eating breakfast while the Mother (Andi James) walks around the kitchen cooking and bringing food to the table. The Son is fully dressed for work and Andi is in a bathrobe, not even slippers. The Son finishes eating, turns around his chair and spreads his legs. he says, “How about a quick blowjob before I go to work Mom?” She stops, looks offended, and says, “That’s how you talk to me? I don’t think so?” The Son laughs and says, “Mom, we have an arrangement here. I take care of you and fuck you anyway I like, whenever I like.” She stares at him offended. He laughs and says, “You know you like it, but I’ll make you a deal. Get down on your knees and suck my dick or I’ll never fuck you again.” She glares at him. He says coldly, “Last chance.” She starts to move towards him but he tells her to strip; she lets her robe drop, he has her play with her tits and pussy, he then has her tell him how much she likes fucking and then how much she wants to suck his cock. After this he has her crawl to him and give him head, while she is doing this; he massage and runs his fingers through her hair, but doesn’t push her head up and down, she does that. When he cums; he tells her, “Swallow it, swallow it, swallow my fucking cum. After he cums he stands up and sticks his dick back in his pants and leaves.

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My Little 18 old Sister doing Yoga training

This clip includes:Joseline Kelly, brother/sister, blackmail, family vacation, sister sees brother sneak a girl into their hotel room, sister gets jealous because all of her friends & even her brother have had sex but she is still a virgin, uses blackmail to get her brother to teach her how to have sex, groping tits, handjob, blowjob, sex education, brother is reluctant to teach her & then is embarrassed when his sister catches him enjoying it, sex, fucking, losing virginity, clit rubbing, masturbation, brother & sister arguing (humor), missionary, accidental creampie, sister & brother freak out about pregnancy

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