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Daddy’s New Whore

Daddy notices his little girl is home early from school and tells her that she better not be skipping last period. Before Daddy can start to lecture her she tells him that she’s not going to last period any more because she doesn’t like the teacher. Dad lets her know that is unacceptable and she better start… She cuts him off and tells him she has been skipping all week and saw him yesterday with that whore. She asks him if that’s why he switched his work schedule to get home early so he can fuck that girl before Mom get’s home? “She is almost the same age as me!” his daughter screams at him! Dad is embarrassed and tells her he will do anything to not have Mom find out. She agrees but has some demands first. Like doubling her allowance and he is going to have to buy her a new car. Dad said they can’t afford that.

She tells him that maybe he can work longer hours instead of fucking that bitch! Dad hangs his head and agrees and says he doesn’t mind that she is blackmailing him. But since he won’t be having sex with that whore anymore that she would have take care of him. She didn’t know what he meant. Dad explains that Mom and him don’t have sexual relations anymore so she would have to service him if she wanted everything she is asking for. “You will have to become Daddy’s new whore” he says. He puts her on his lap and tells her that they love each other so it’s only natural she has sex with him. He feels her pert young breasts and admires what a woman she was becoming. They kiss and Daddy asks her if anyone had ever touch her little girl pussy. She said a few boys had. He then inquires if that had stuck any fingers inside of her. She says no. He then proceeds to shove a finger in her tight pussy.

She says it’s so big so Daddy then put another finger in and said he would have to stretch her pussy out to fit Daddy’s big penis. He finger fucks her pussy hard. He then opens her up and tells her to stick her own finger in there as well. He then put’s three fingers in. She screams with delight! She asks Daddy if she can cum. Her loving father says she may. He asks her if she had ever touch a boys penis before. She shyly admits she had but had never put one in her mouth. Daddy makes her stuck his cock. But it’s too big for her tiny mouth. That’s ok your pussy will do. He makes her try to put his large cockin her virgin pussy but it won’t fit. He lays her down and says Daddy will get it in. His little girl is screaming with pleasure saying how big it is but how good it feels. Daddy asks her if she likes being Daddy’s whore. She looks at her Daddy says yes she wants nothing more then to be his whore. Daddy cums all over her pussy and then tells her that Daddy’s cum always belongs in his little girls pussy. She fingers her Daddy’s sperm inside of her as she cums again and again.

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Russell and his baby Sister Brooklyn are having a friendly game of Poker in the Living Room….when things get out of hand!! The two Siblings have always been very competitive when it comes to playing Games….and this afternoon…..the competitiveness will spiral out of control!! After losing several consecutive hands….Brooklyn is just about out of money….when she realizes she has a VERY strong hand. She begs her big Brother to lend her some money, so she can make a bet…but he refuses. Brooklyn, knowing that she will win the hand for sure….makes a surprise Bet with her Brother. “Look….if I win….you owe me $300….if you Win…..I’ll let you Fuck me”. Russell is floored by the Bet….but since his baby Sister is actually SMOKING Hot….he agrees to the Bet. Brooklyn proudly lays down her hand…..4 Of A Kind!!!!! To her horror, however….Russell, unbelievably has…..a ROYAL FLUSH!!! Brooklyn is almost in tears…and when Russell rubs his hands together, preparing to ravage his little Sister…Brooklyn tells him he can’t possibly want to follow through with the Bet. Russell reminds her that “A Bet Is A Bet”…..so Brooklyn strips off her clothes…and lets her big Brother have his way with her!! Russell licks his baby Sister….he makes his baby Sister suck his cock…..he Fucks his baby Sister in several positions….and then….to make her ordeal even worse….Russell tells Brooklyn that he wants to cum all over her feet!!! Brooklyn is disgusted, as her perverted Brother ejaculates all over her feet….completely soaking them. “I can’t believe I let my Brother cum on my feet”.

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Pump Your Sisters Mouth

Shh… Hey, hear me out. I thought about what you said the other day, and… well, I want to let you know. I feel the same. Yes! You’re all I can think about. The only thing I want right now, is… in my hands. Relax. This is what you want, right?

You want your sister’s soft hands touching you? Your sister! You want to feel her wet lips… her warm, wet tongue. How good does it feel? Me, licking your sensitive cock and balls. Kissing you down there. Please, I know I’m being bad. But I just, I want to taste your cum in my mouth! I want to make my brother cum. Your sister wants it deep down her throat. Do you think you could pump my mouth full of cum? Pretty please? I’ll show you after. Mm~hmm!

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Blackmailing My Sister

Renee has a secret and she is willing to do anything to keep Mom and Dad from finding out. I show her the video and then point at my cock. All she has to do is suck my cock and I will delete the video.

Renee is reluctant but cannot let anyone see the video. She pulls out my cock and takes off her T-shirt. She sucks my hard cock and licks ever inch, up and down. Renee sucks my shaft while she strokes the tip and I explode with great fury and vengeance! The video might be delete or I can just blackmail Renee again tomorrow…

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Cum For Mommy – Mother`s romance

My sweet son! Sit down and talk to mom before you go to bed. I have an important sex ed conversion to have with you, honey. There’s no need to feel shy. You know you can always trust your mommy. Now, I’m going to ask you a personal question: have you ever masturbated before? No? Are you sure? Do you know how to masturbate? You can tell your mother the truth.

It’s very important that you learn how to satisfy yourself; otherwise, you might give in to one of those tempting girls at school. You know you have to remain a virgin until you’re married. It’s the right thing to do. But in order to avoid sin, you must touch and play with yourself until you explode – and you’ll have to do it every single night from now on.

Don’t worry. Mom will show you how to make your dickie have an orgasm. I can see from the bulge in your pants that you’re already swollen with lust. Take out your penis, son. Mom will give you a hand first, and then I’ll have you take over, under my guidance.

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Alura comes into the room and her son Rion is sitting on the couch looking at his phone upset. Alura takes the phone from him, looking through, realizing he is hooking up with multiple girls- and they all have huge tits. Then, she comes across a picture of herself on his phone! Realizing this is pretty normal, and she’s never talked to him about sex, she leans in to hug him, but soon notices her holding him close to her tits is turning him on.

Alura catches Rion masturbating in his room, and to the same picture of her! She comes up to him and asks if he wants her to take care of it the same way as last time. Only this time, she has some different things she wants to try with him.

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Mommies Lil Boy

I was reading a magazine the other day when my son came home from school. He walked in and started complimenting my feet. He asked if he could rub my feet for me and I said sure. He started rubbing my feet and the next thing I knew he had his cock out and was jerking off. I was kinda mad but turned on at the same time. I started blowing him and then I took him to my bedroom and let him fuck me doggy until he was about to blow. Next I sucked his cock dry and spit his cum all over his cock, just the way he likes it!

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What happens when a stupid boy goes out on a Date with a Jerky Girl, and doesn’t let Her Jerk him Off? Well……let’s just say….Jerky Girl don’t take “no” for an answer!! Julia goes out on a Date with a boy. Dinner….Movie…..home to Her place….some French Kissing….everything a Girl has to endure to get what She’s after….and then….the stupid boy refuses to be Milked!!! This isn’t Julia’s first Rodeo. She immediately goes into “plan B”. Julia tells the boy that even though he doesn’t want to be Milked by a Girl…there’s no reason to cut the evening short….so She offers him a drink. The gullible Sucker agrees….and Julia goes to the kitchen to prepare the drinks. When they are about to sip their drinks….Julia distracts Her Date….and slips a “Roofie” into his !! According to plan….the stupid boy mumbles a few meaningless sentences, and . The next morning, Julia ties up the comatose victim….and prepares him for involuntary Milking. The boy wakes up as he is being tied down, and Julia says “Good Mornin’ Sunshine…..you are about to be Jerked-Off. We could have done this the easy way…but you forced me to do it the hard way…..prepare to be Jerked-Off by a Girl!!”. The boy struggles…but it is too late…far too late…..he is helpless as Jerky Girl Julia masturbates him to completion….FULL completion!! A Massive Cumblast is Forced from the boy against his will….at which point Julia wipes up the semen….and tells him that the Forced Milkings will continue….EVERY TEN MINUTES!!! OUCH!!! He should have just let Her do Her thing when She first wanted to. When will you boys ever learn?…….WE NEED TO JERK!!!!!

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Don’t Leave us Daddy

I know mom doesnt fuck you anymore daddy. But it’s ok I’ll help you. I dress myself up in mommies lingerie and tease you with my body. I don’t want you to leave us so I’m going to do everything I can to make you stay.
Just look at my big breasts and tight body as I stroke you. Your cock is getting so hard daddy. Please I’m desperate for you to cum. Please cum all over my tits daddy. Shower me with your love and never leave me.

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Brother Blackmail little Sister

I took my step brother’s car out to see my boyfriend.. Hopefully my step brother doesn’t find out and tell my mom! Maybe I’ll just wait and see if he brings it up. If he does, I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse

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