OMG, you are my Daddy!!!

Dear Diary,
The other day my girlfriend Hope caught me reading her diary and I was reading about the things she was doing with her Daddy. It had actually turned me on and it had apparently affected Hope too so she called her Daddy in to take care of us. He fucked me pretty good while Hope watched but when it was over I still wanted more.
While Hope was napping I went to the kitchen and spent some more time with her Daddy. He threw me on the counter and ate my pussy til I was all tingly then he fucked me on a chair. We both got overly excited until he busted right in my vagina and I’m not on the pill. What Should I do?
Xo Akira

Dear Diary
My worst fears came to light about 8 weeks later when my Dr confirmed I was pregnant. I went over to talk to Hopes Daddy and instead of being upset he was really happy. We had sex right there in the dining room to celebrate and man it was soo hot. Hopes Daddy really takes good care of his lovers neds.
Xo Akira

OMG this is so crazy. A few days after I told Hopes Daddy what happened we were going through some old photos and I found a pic of my mom and Hopes Dad. It seems they were fucking around after Hopes mom split and based on the time frame he’s actually my Daddy.
That discovery made things even hotter for both of us. We groped and caressed each other hungrily. We stripped out of our clothes while pleasing each other and I came more times than I could count. Daddy took suck good care of me I even swallowed when I let him cum in my mouth. I can’t wait to tell Hope she’s my sister and we’re going to be one big happy family.

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