Older Sister Teaches Younger Sister

Kelsie has been a daddy’s girl for years. She is moving out to attend college. Kimmy is upset that her big sister is leaving her. Their stepmother Rachel is a bitch and Kimmy is afraid once Kelsie is gone she will take over. Kelsie explains to Kimmy all she has to do is keep their dad happy. Kimmy does not understand. Kelsie takes her to their dad’s room and shows her what to do. Dad is always lonely because his wife is gone shopping all the time and ignores him sexually. Kelsie learned this early and realized she could satisfy he father sexually and have whatever she wanted. Kimmy was a bit reluctant at first but knew she wanted her dad’s attention. She stroked his cock and sucked it. Dad loved that his other daughter was going to do this for him. Kelsie sat on the bed masturbating, coaching her little sister. Dad bent his girl over and slid his cock deep in her tight little pussy. Kimmy gave out a moan, she moaned for him to fuck her. Kelsie watched, biting her lip, hoping all went well. Dad flipped Kimmy over and fucked her missionary. Then Kimmy sucked his cock until he was ready to cum. Dad pulled it out and sprayed his load all over her sweet little face. Kimmy loved her father and knew she would be fine without her sister there.


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