Nikki Mae in Daddy My Ass is Yours – Dinner Time Anal

Nikki had two surprises for her Daddy tonight. First was to cook his favorite meal, Spaghetti with Meatballs…Grandma passed down the recipe to Nikki and Daddy loved Spaghetti with Meatballs.. Dad was driving home from work and could not forget that amazing blowjob Nikki gave just before he left…His cock was raging all day and he had a difficult time hiding his boner from co-workers…Now if his coworkers found out why there was a bulge in his pants, his career would be over…Dad pulled into the driveway and could smell a familiar aroma coming from the kitchen…He walked in to find Nikki Cooking…He quickly smacked her on the ass startling Nikki…He then smacked Nikki on the ass again…Nikki thought Daddy was upset but he calmed her nerves by rubbing down her smooth and round ass…Nikki smiled at Daddy and said dinner was the first surprise of the day…But there was one more big surprise…Tonight Nikki’s ass truly belongs to Daddy… Nikki only wanted to make Daddy happy and agreed to give up her precious ass to Daddy…Tonight Daddy would fuck Nikki in the ass…

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