Nephew to the Rescue Incest

Rachel had been widowed for years. She had a huge farm to keep up and it was just too much for her. She called her sister for help. Kevin her nephew, came to Rachel to help her. He had not seen her in years. Kevin arrived and was shocked at how stunningly beautiful his aunt was. Rachel showed Kevin around the farm and he went to work fixing the barn. He had been having sexual thoughts about her. Rachel was so happy to have him there, she was very lonely and had not realized how nice it was to have a man around again. One afternoon Kevin saw Rachel crying on her bed. Rachel was missing her husband and Kevin’s presence reminded her of him. Kevin entered her room and asked her what was wrong. Rachel tried to wipe away her tears and act like everything was alright but it came out how lonely she had been. Kevin knew she was venerable and began to console his hot lonely aunt. Rachel was reluctant when he made his move. She fell into his arms and could not resist. Before she knew it, he was removing her clothes and kissing her. Rachel’s passion got the best of her and she went for it. He was a grown man so she let it happen. His cock was huge and fully erect. Rachel eagerly sucked her young nephew until she was soaking wet. Kevin straddled her and tit fucked his horny aunt. Rachel sucked the head of his cock as it slid in between her voluptuous breasts. He came hard as Rachel opened her mouth to catch all of his hot load. They both smiled. Kevin asked Rachel if there was anything else she needed fixed.

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