Naughty Nighttime Visit by my Mom

Rachel’s son’s friend is spending the weekend with them. She has seen him stare at her all day. Rachel saw his hard cock when they were at the pool. She went to his room after her son fell asleep. She dressed up sexy for him. Rachel pulled the sheet off him and his cock was huge. She laid down next to him and put it in her mouth. He awoke shocked to see her. Rachel told him to be quiet. She took her robe off to show him how sexy she was. He felt her body. Rachel sucked him some more. He asked her to take everything off so she did. He was amazed at her body and wanted her so bad. Rachel sat on him and put the tip of his cock in her wet pussy. He wanted to fuck her so bad. They both did sexual things to each other. He licked her as she sucked him. He fingered her until she came. Rachel finally oiled him up and demanded his cum. He blew it into her mouth. Rachel kissed him and snuck back to her room for the night.

File size: 127MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 00:12:02
File type: WMV


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