Naughty Niece Housecleaner

Chelcee Clifton has her old uncle Matt wrapped around her finger as she teases him with her young pussy. He agrees to hire her to clean his house but she just wants to get naked while cleaning. After getting herself off with a vibrator in the living room, old Matt finds her naked in his kitchen. She wastes no time sucking his cock because she would rather get fucked in the kitchen than clean it! After an afternoon of fucking, she convinces Matt to pick her up the next day to finish the cleaning. Chelcee has never given a BJ in a car before so she sucks old Matt’s cock until he blows his load in her cute mouth. She knows how to take care of her old uncle!

File size: 795MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:35:59
File type: MP4


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