Naked Joga With Sister

Richie’s Baby Sister, Victoria was doing her Naked Yoga…..and needed some help….a “spotter”….that was all this innocent girl wanted…..and she asked her Brother Richie to give her a hand. After Richie helps with a few of her stretches, he can’t help but “accidentally” touch her Naked Pussy. Victoria yells at him and calls him a Pervert…but damage done….Richie has a Massive erection!! Victoria needs him to help her with her Naked Yoga…but Richie has a big boner……so big Brother has a deal for his Baby Sister…..if she “gets rid of his boner” for him…he will help her with her stretches. Victoria reluctantly agrees to relieve his discomfort by masturbating him, in exchange for his help. After a few minutes of Jerking his cock…..Richie confesses that he may not be able to ejaculate from her hand only…and he asks her to perform oral on him. Victoria, again reluctantly agrees to Suck her Brother’s cock. After a few minutes of Sucking his cock, Richie admits that the only sure way to get rid of his boner…is to have sex!!! Victoria is disgusted!! She does not want to have sexual intercourse with her own Brother…but makes him a deal….”If I let you Fuck me…you have to finish fast…..and in exchange…you must help me with my Naked Yoga for two hours”. Horny as he is…Richie readily agrees….and begins to pound away on his little Sister. After a few minutes of being Fucked like a Rag-Doll…Victoria turns the tables on her Brother…gets on top of him….and Fucks the living *$^# out of him, while smothering his mouth and telling him to “Shut Up and cum!!”. Baby Sister Victoria soon forces her older Brother to cum!!! She may be the younger Sister…but this Baby Sister knows how to FUCK!!!

File size: 545MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:09:06
File type: WMV


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