My Uncle Knew And It Made Him Want Even More

Dear Diary,

After I took care of my uncle I decided to go take a bath and clean out the mess. The warm water started turning me on so I let it run over my pussy and I started cumming hard. When I finished cumming I looked up and saw my uncle standing in the doorway. I tried to cover myself but he told me there was no need since he knew what I did earlier.
Uncle Jay was already semi hard so I sucked his cock a bit then he stood me up in the shower and got behind me. His cock entered me and within minutes I was cumming even harder than before. Uncle Jay moved me to the sink and pounded me even harder until he exploded all over my bush. Needless to say I’ll be helping Uncle Jay until hes 100% better, I love the way he fucks me when hes sick so it should be earthshattering when he’s well.

XoXo Kendra

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