My Stepbrother Sodomized Me

I catch my sister from the hall carrying laundry. She is wearing booty shorts and a bra and I notice her weight gain. It appears JUST in her stomach. I call over my sister and ask her what she is doing. She tells me Mom was bitching about the laundry and she had to finish it. I notice her stomach even more as she is closer to me. I ask her about it and she denies her weight gain. I tell her to sit, and tell her if she needs to talk to me she can. My sister looks pretty stressed out and I know its something big. My sister tells me she is pregnant, with my baby! she is only having sex with me and even though it was only one time I did cum in her pussy. I thought she was on birth control but I guess Mom won’t let her on it. Her stomach does look sexy; I touch it and I notice her tits are getting bigger as well. She tells me how sexy she will look pregnant and how great of a dad I will be. My sister makes me feel a lot better about the situation.

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