My Son’s Prison Lust

Rachel’s son was coming home after 3 years in prison. Rachel had to take a job making adult videos to make ends meet. He arrived they hugged and kissed. Rachel missed him so much. He asked her how she was able to pay the bills with him gone. She told him the truth. Scott looked her in the eye and said he knew. She was shocked. He told her the videos where being passed around in prison and he jerked off to her all the time. Scott told her how hot she was and she was the hottest MILF he had ever seen. Rachel blushed. Scott began touching her thigh. He moved his hand up her skirt. Rachel giggled and thought it was just play. Scott told her he had to have her. He grabbed her beautiful tits and reached up her skirt. Rachel tried to push him away, but he had hold of her. She jumped up and went to go to the kitchen to make him lunch. He grabbed her arm and she knew he was serious. He pushed her into the bedroom and tossed her on the bed. Rachel did not know what to do. He was very handsome and she had been fucking fat old disgusting men for money. He looked very good to her. He got on top of her and mauled her. Rachel became very aroused at his aggressiveness. She could feel his cock through his jeans grinding against her. She gave in to the hot taboo lust they both felt. Rachel and Scott stripped off their clothes and embraced each other. Scott kissed her passionately as Rachel took his rock hard cock in her hand. She wanted him now. He slipped his fingers into her wet pussy and Rachel let out a moan. She took her son’s cock into her loving mouth. He let her do that for a while then he pushed her back, spread her legs and they looked each other in the eyes as he violently shoved his cock in her. Rachel and Scott made hot love. Rachel came hard on his cock. She pushed him off and assumed a 69 position. He licked her cum filled pussy while she sucked his still hard cock. Rachel wanted him to cum in her mouth. She jerked him off fast, telling him to cum in her mouth. Three years of being without a woman. He watched only her porn. He was ready to cum like he never had. She put him all the way in her mouth as he came hard for her. Rachel sat up and opened her mouth to show him his load. She let the cum slowly drip from her lips to her tits. They were both so happy, they lay together holding each other tight.

File size: 131MB
Resolution:  640×480
Duration: 00:12:12
File type: WMV


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