My Sister’s Panties

Mom and I were waiting for my older brother…we were late for school. “Will you go get him please? We’re going to be late!”, She nagged. “Fine”, I grumbled and trudged up the stairs. He had shut himself up in the bathroom again. He does this all the time…usually with the door locked. Sometimes I like to bug him and jiggle the door handle haha just to scare him. But today the door just opened! There he was shirtless…jerking off…I was totally embarrassed. I mean maybe I thought it was kinda funny…But then I saw my panties sitting on the counter. He’d been jerking off with MY panties. At first I thought it was kinda funny and I sorta made fun of him for a second. But then…I realized it turned me on. I asked if he wanted to sniff the ones I was wearing. I couldn’t believe I just asked my brother that. Mom was waiting downstairs but I just couldn’t help it. I was curious. My brother was curious too I think. I wanted him to touch me…he wanted to touch me. We couldn’t stop ourselves…we just had to fuck.

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  1. Armin says:

    I try download but can’t dl it,pls reupload 2 part’s

    • Yuhuuuuuu says:

      It’s working perfectly for free users and for premium users!

      Try to delete cookies or try to download using different browser.

      Best Regards

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