My Sisters Fucked Me!!!

These Triplets know how to push each other’s buttons!!!! When Sister’s Ashley & Summer are on their way out to a Club to meet up with their boyfriends…….and Ashley’s car won’t start….they have no choice but to go to their Brother Lucas for help. The girls ask their Brother Lucas to borrow his car….but he turns them down….saying that he needs it. The girls, however, won’t take no for an answer….as they are desperate to get to the Club. The two Sisters offer to give their Brother a Handjob….in exchange for use of his car. Lucas turns his Sisters down….telling them “Why would I want to be Jerked-Off by my Sisters…..”> After consulting with each other…the girls decide to up the offer to a Blowjob…..but Lucas has the same response. The desperate Sisters huddle one more time to discuss strategy….and ultimately tell their Brother Lucas that if he will let them take his car….each Sister will Fuck him!!! NOW Lucas is interested!!!! The two Sisters reluctantly get naked….and proceed to let their Brother have his way with them!! The two Sisters suck their Brother’s cock to get it hard…and then Summer goes first….she straddles her Brother and rides up and down on his cock….while Ashley sits on her Brother’s face….while he eagerly licks her Pussy and asshole. After he has Fucked his Sister, Summer….Lucas begins to Fuck his Sister Ashley. Lucas Pounds Ashley VERY hard…..and as he Fucks Ashley….he tells his Sisters that the deal is not complete until he cums in somebody’s mouth!! The girls play a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors (while Ashley is being Pounded) to decide which Sister must take a mouthful of their Brother’s semen. Ashley loses….and grudgingly lets Lucas ejaculate in her mouth. The girls…..Fucked….and cummed on…are now free to go visit their boyfriends at the Club.

File size: 141MB
Resolution: 960×720
Duration: 00:10:59
File type: WMV


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