My Mother The Pornstar

Life is “unpredictable”, when your Mom is…..a PORN STAR!!! lol Amber is preparing for a big shoot the following day….going over Her scripts. The movie she is filming requires her to be Gang Banged by three guys with enormous cocks…..requiring, in her words….”all my holes” to be Fucked. As she is going over the script, her Son Conor enters the Family Room. Mom asks Conor to “run lines” with her….but he has no interest in hearing of his Mom’s Gang Bang Movie. Then Amber has an even better idea!!! Since this shoot will require her to take Giant cocks inside her…..and since she is aware that her Son has a Giant cock….Amber asks Conor if he would please Fuck the stuffing out of her… “work her in” for the next day!! Conor, of course, has no interest in doing that….he even covers his ears so he can’t even hear the question…but Amber pulls his pants down and orders him to “Fuck your Mommie, so her cunt can be worked in!!!”. Conor soon has his Giant cock inside Mom’s moth as she sucks it to full size….and then gets him to Pound her hard!!! Mom gets Conor to thrust hard….filling her cunt to the max with his Huge cock until he surprises her by erupting inside her!!! Mom is nice and loosened up for her Gang Bang the following day!!!

File size: 254MB
Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 00:13:18
File type: MP4


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