My mom in Dirty Laundry

Everyday Sunday is laundry day here at the LaBarbara’s. That’s when I gather all my son Vincent’s clothes to launder and fold them so he is prepared for the following week. As I was adding the last of his garments to the wash I noticed one of Vinny’s white tube socks were wet. At first I didn’t think too much about it but it felt so sticky and it smelled kind of salty. I opened the sock to discover my son’s jizz inside! It was a big load too! I was disgusted! I mean, here I am doing his laundry, cooking his food, cleaning his room when he won’t even lift a finger around here! Like he has nothing better to do then lay around the house jerking his cock all day! I yelled for Vincent to come to the garage. As I presented his sock to him, I yelled that he should find better things to do with his time and threatened to tell his father. Vinny pled with me not to tell him. I started to calm down and then realized that my son masturbating was natural, he was at that age now when his hormones are constantly raging. It had been a long time since I’ve had young, strong cock and I decided to have a little fun with him. I told him it was a shame that he had to jack off instead of getting the real thing. I pulled my top down exposing my full, supple breasts. He just stood there frozen not believing what I was doing. I asked him to touch me and he began to fondle my tits. The feel of my son’s hands shot waves of excitement through my body. I could feel my pussy start to throb for my son. I started to rub on his cock, I could feel through his jeans how hard he was for me. I sat up on the washing machine and leaned back, my legs spread wide, inviting my son into my cunt. He slid his cock in and began banging my pussy. His cock felt unbelievable as he thrusted me hard and deep. He then fucked me from behind. I was looking back at him, watching him thrust my pussy. My son was fucking me soooo good. I climbed on top of his prick and rode him fast and deep. My moans grew louder and louder as I came all over his cock. I dropped to my knees and licked my cum off his cock. His legs trembled and he shot out his load! He didn’t need his sock to catch it anymore, I was right there to lick it up.

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