My Brother’s Fiancee Abuse

A follow up to the original clip My Brother’s Fiancee, Part 2 was requested by a fan of the original and was created from the following very detailed request, resulting a great video: You are alone at home, getting ready to go out when you hear a knock on the door. You go to open it. You look through the peephole and whisper to yourself “what does he want now? Hasn’t he done enough?” You thinks for a second and then puts on a straight face and opens the door. You look at him with an attitude and say “what the hell are you doing here? What do you want NOW?” He repliess with an evil smile “why so tense. I though we had a good time last time.” You reply with an angry look on your face “FUN?! You took advantage of me. Your brother’s fiancee.” You turn around, cross your arms and continue to say “And I though we agreed not to speak of it again.” He says “hay, don’t make it sound as if it was all my fault. Don’t forget that you came to me that night.” You reply “I thought you were a good guy and a good shoulder to cry on.” He replies with a smile “and I was. And a bit more.” You say “I think it’s beneficial to both of us to forget it ever happened and just move on with our lives.” He walks toward you from behind whispers in your ear “I can’t just forget about you. And I know that you enjoyed as much as I did.” You reply “you’re dreaming. Maybe you should leave now. I am meeting your brother soon.” Standing close behind you, he runs his hands softly up and down her arms and whispers on your ear “deep down you know you want more. Otherwise, why would you open the door to me? We both know you’re a teasing slut.” Shocked with what you just heard, your eyes widens and your mouth drops open. You turn around and slaps him across the face. You point to the door and say “GET OUT.” Posing for a second, he looks back at you with an angry face. Then reaches out and grabs both your arms and pulls you toward him. Shocked at his assault you yell “what do you think you’re doing??” He replies “I tried to be nice. But I guess you like it rough.” As he starts to fondle you. You try to resist him but he is too strong for you. You scream “Stop this.. Let me go… ” You twist and turn and amongst the chaos the towel flies off your head. Holding you tight against him, he roughly land kisses on your face and neck. As you jerk your head from side to side trying to get away, whipping your beautiful hair from side to side. You beg and pleads for him to stop. But it falls on deaf ears as he continue his assault by fondling your ass and breasts, while landing kisses all over your neck. Then you start to callout for anyone to help you. He quickly turns you around and covers your mouth. He tells you “do you really want people to know about us?” You think for a second and realize that if someone knew, your fiancée would know too. Realizing this you stop resisting. Still covering your mouth he kisses you up and down your neck and shoulder. Seeing that you stopped resisting he let go of your mouth and moves his hand down your body. He pulls open the robe exposing your boobs. Grabs both of them and squeezes hard. Then with one hand he fondles one of them and the other goes down to fondle your crouch. While he is doing this, you try desperately to reason with him. He turns you around again (face to face) and tries to kiss your mouth. With a disgust look on your face you keep move your head away. His kisses instead lands on your cheeks and neck. To stop you from moving your head around he grabs a handful of your hair and yanks your head backward. He pauses and gives you an evil look for a second as you look back at him and say (softly) “don’t” Then he lands a deep kiss on your mouth, causing your eyes widens in horror while letting a muffled scream. He then covers your mouth with a rag until you fall limp he holds you in his arms for a moment admiring you. Still in a standing position he takes off your robe. He cradle carries you and walks around in a circle (I need to see every angle) as if looking for your bedroom. He gets to your bedroom he lays you down on of the bed. In which, your head and hair would be hanging of the edge of the bed. He takes his cloths off. Then he comes over to your head and grabs you jaw and squeezes it open. He jams his dick inside and start to fuck your mouth. He then goes on top of the bed and takes off your panties and shoes. He then climbs on top of the be and pulls you to the middle. Then he lays on top of you and continues his assault by, kissing you all over and sucking on her nipples. Slowly you regain consciousness, realizing happening, you freak out and try to push and beg him to stop. He roughly covers her mouth and says “this is going to happen whether you like it or not. It’s up to you to have it the easy way or the hard way.” You stops resisting and starts weeping as he continues his assault while still covering your mouth. He prepares himself to penetrate you. But before he does he asks you “you ready?” You looks back at him in horror shaking your head and mumbling “NO.” He slowly thrust deep inside you as you let out a muffled scream though out the first thrust. He then pull back and thrust harder and you do the same thing. The thrust rhythm quickens as the screams shortens. He let go of your mouth and starts fucking faster. By then your screams turns to just moans as your body starts to betray you. The fight between you and your body start. He then orders you to get on all four. You obediently do so. He position himself behind you and gives you one powerful smack on your ass before he fucks you. This time he thrust hard causing you to open your eyes and mouth wide, knocking the breath out of you. He gives you few more slow powerful thrusts as you try desperately not to scream. He fucks you roughly from behind while landing few spanks on you ass from time to time. While fucking you he grabs your phone and calls your fiancée. He hands you the phone and tells you to tell him you can’t make it tonight. You reply “no.. Please. I can’t..” He yells back at you “DO IT” Out of fear you comply and talk to your fiancé “hay honey…. I am sorry. I can’t make it tonight… I just have a terrible headache… Yes, I just need to relax… I’ll talk to you tomorrow…hay… I love you… Bye.” Throughout the conversation you desperately trying to muffle your moans to hide your agony. (Flinch, bite your lip, cover your own mouth, … etc) He grabs you by the hair, pulls your head up and fucks you faster. You cant help but lose the fight with your body and cum hard on his cock. He then pulls out and guides you by the hair off the bed, on your knees and jams his dick down your throat. Holding you by your hair, he roughly fucks your throat. He gathers your hair in a ponytail and continue fucking until he cums deep down your throat. Before he leaves he tells you that he will see you again.

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