Mother’s Sticky Stockings

Rachel’s son Chris has had secret taboo fantasies about her for a long time. Her looks, her body, her scent, her sexy outfits – everything about her drives him wild with desire. Often he sneakily takes photos of her in various personal situations such as when she is stripped down to her lingerie or masturbating in a fit of horniness. Later, running sexy-slide shows on his computer, he has plenty of inspiration for jerking off. On other occasions he steals stolen pairs of her stockings so he can smell and feel them and think of her all the better while he relieves himself in his room. Rachel herself has no idea of this – until she happens to make Chris’s bed and find some stockings hid under his pillow. Instantly she is filled with shock as she detects the tell-tale stains of his cum upon them. Investigating things further, she checks out his computer and discovers his explicit photo collection. Her first intention after that is to give Chris the scolding of his life. But when she confronts him in his room, a funny thing starts to happen. As she sees him lying naked in bed, the sheets bulging around his cock area, a forbidden urge of her own rears up. In addition it occurs to her that she is actually flattered at the effect she has been having on her young man. When she brings up the subject of her cum-covered stockings, he becomes shy and denies having anything to do with it. But Rachel confronts him with the evidence – drawing them out of her sexy cleavage. It leaves Chris with no choice but to own up about his actions. Having heard his confession, Rachel smiles sympathetically. She tells Chris that she understands his fetishes and fantasies and will even take care of them for him. The next thing he knows, she has removed her sexy dress and climbed onto his bed – clad only in her lingerie, stockings and garters. Taking the idea of a loving mother to new heights, she grabs hold of her son’s cock and proceeds to stroke and suck it. He is so excited that it does not take long before Chris’ mom is jerking his cum onto her pantyhose. The action is long and sensual with Rachel knelt so that her perfect butt sticks sexily into the air. Meanwhile, Chris gratefully runs his fingers through her hair. Hot on the heels of the that comes some passionate fucking. In the doggy and missionary positions Chris fucks his moaning mother, pounding sweetly deep into her hungry pussy. Taboo comments flow from her lips while she spreads her legs as wide as they will go and he fondles and cups her big, fuck-shaken tits. Finally, Rachel sucks his cock again, draining his blasting cum load into her mouth before dribbling it out all over her stockings. From that moment on, it is clear that she will do anything for her son. Never again will he have to rely on her stockings of her photos to get off. Instead she will come to him and give him the real thing!

File size: 281MB
Resolution: 720×540
Duration: 00:2:40
File type: MP4


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