Mother’s Lesson

Loving mom Rachel became concerned about her son Dylan after she overheard him on the phone with his girlfriend. The young tramp was giving him a hard time, complaining that he did not please her sexually because he kept cumming too soon. Later, Rachel went to his room where he lay moping on his bed. Although she knew what was bothering him, she persuaded him tell it to her in his own words. Dylan responded by shyly confessing to her that his girlfriend had shaken his confidence and made him feel bad about his sexual inexperience. Being an ever-supportive mom, Rachel tried hard to put Dylan’s mind at rest. Among other things she admitted that her own sex-life with his father was not great. It had been over two years since they had last done it. Following the talk, when she was alone, Rachel fumed aloud about the way her son’s girlfriend had treated him. She considered her nothing but insensitive trash. Now Rachel had to rebuild her son’s damaged self esteem. Her plan for doing so was very unusual and taboo, but she believed it would be good for Dylan and herself. She had gotten the idea after her pussy had gotten all wet from hearing him talk about his sex life. The mere recollection of it caused her to run her hands hornily over her shapely body. Afterwards, Rachel paid another visit to Dylan. This time she wore a sexy robe that caught his eye with its plunging neckline. Sitting herself next to him on the bed, she told a little fib about trying to find him some sex-education material. Unfortunately, none of it was satisfactory. In any case, Rachel believed that the best way for a person to learn something was by actually doing it. She then made her wild suggestion to Dylan. She herself would teach him how to fuck and please a woman, and also how to control when came. To further persuade her son, she flashed him her awesome cleavage, then opened up her robe to herself in a tight-fitting nightie. Dylan took one look at his mom and knew he was going to accept her offer. She was cute, sexy, and utterly irresistible. From that moment on, slowly, at first, mother and son began their special taboo lesson. Tentative kissing and touching became passionate kissing and fondling. Off came Rachel’s nightie, then her bra and panties. In just her stockings and garters, she told her son to kneel behind her and play with her big, naked breasts. She then lay back, parted her legs to expose her pussy, and instructed him on how to lick and pleasure it. Baby, you just made your mom cum! she murmured happily after the young man has succeeded at his task. She then sucked his cock until it was hard and fuck-ready. The first taboo penetration came in the missionary position – son holding mother’s long, hose-clad legs open as he thrusts deep into her. Next up was some intense action in the doggy-position. Alternately reaching around to cup his panting mom’s tits and hold on to her hips, he fucked her tight, clenching pussy over and over, making her gasp and moan. I cannot believe my own son is doing it to me! – Rachel says with delight. Dylan himself was having the time of his life. Nor was the fucking over. He still got to have his mother ride his cock from on top. Thanks to her instructions and encouragement throughout the lesson, he managed not to cum early. However, relief finally arrived when he got to blow his load right into his mother’s sucking mouth. She presented a wicked picture dribbling the white stuff onto the tops her tits. The lesson over, Rachel turned to her son and informed him that he had proven himself a wonderful lover. She had no idea why his girlfriend had been critical of him. Indeed, he would be better of without her. Rachel wanted her son all to herself now. There were still plenty of sexual things she wanted to show him. Dylan could be with any time he wanted. He only had to promise one thing: never to tell his father!

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