Mother’s Last Chance

Single mom Stacie was having a lot of trouble with her son Brian. For the two month’s that he had been home from school on summer break, he had been out every night – partying and screwing. This eventually led to him getting a young woman pregnant. When Stacie found out about it, she was deeply distressed. She could not believe how reckless her son had been. Yet even worse was to come. Even as she was reeling from this first piece of bad news, Stacie received a phone call from an angry woman who insisted Brian had impregnated her daughter as well! Poor Stacie felt as if her world were falling apart right then. Nevertheless, she managed to get a grip of herself and to placate her caller by saying she would subject Brian to a severe punishment and make sure he met his new parenting responsibilities. It was not just talk from Stacie. She was truly furious at her son. The next time she saw Brian, she gave him hell. There was a long lecture about his behavour, followed by threats to withdraw her funding for his tuition unless he changed his ways immediately. Furthermore, as punishment for what he had already done, and as a way of avoiding him getting any more young women pregnant, Stacie grounded him for the remainder of his break. Brian hated this arrangement, and felt tempted to rebel. However, his mother’s threat kept him in check. As much as he liked having fun, he did not want to risk losing his school funding. From Stacie’s anger, it was clear she meant what she had said about it. So, for the next few weeks, Brian barely went out of doors. Cooped up with his mom, deprived of parties and women, he began to get more and more frustrated. When his friend Kyle came over to shoot some pool, he told him of how he felt. Kyle was very understanding. He even commented that Brian’s mom was being a little hypocritical towards him. Brian asked Kyle what he meant, and Kyle replied that there were rumors about Stacie carrying on with some of their mutual friends. He said no more than that, but gave an enigmatic smile. Kyle had really referred to an incident involving himself. It had taught him that Brian’s mom was a much more horny and naughty MILF than she let on. Now, as Brian focused on his pool, Kyle fell into a sweet and detailed daydream of an encounter that had taken place between him and Stacie in her bathroom. He had been staying over that night, and had gone there to clean up before turning in. Suddenly Stacie entered. There was no mistaking her intentions, and there was no way Kyle could refuse them. Stacie was a sexy and busty older woman whom he had long lusted after. The next thing he knew, she was on her knees, stroking his cock. The front of her pretty summer dress had been pulled down to free her big, naked breasts. The mere sight of Stacie was a pleasure in itself for Kyle. The addition of her hands sliding vigorously up and his down his length was ecstasy inducing. After an unforgettable few minutes of action, he finally blasted out a huge load of cum that Stacie directed to the tops of her breasts and later smeared around until they glistened all over from the depths of her cleavage to the tips of her nipples. At that moment, Kyle felt in awe of her. You are the hottest mom on the block, he told her truthfully. There ended his wonderful recollection. Elsewhere, while Brian and Kyle were in the pool room, Stacie was talking on the phone to a girlfriend – telling her all about her problems. Brian was not the only one who was frustrated at the new set-up. Stacie did not realize it at the time, but she had actually benefited a lot from not having her son around in the evenings, particularly when it came to entertaining her lovers. Just the other day, she had met a great guy at a bar and taken him home. Relating the story about it to her friend, she pictured the subsequent scene in life-like detail. There they were – she and the man in her bed. After some foreplay in which she knelt over his naked body and sucked long and ravenously on his hard cock, she ended up on her knees being taken doggy-style. In the midst of her loud moaning, as the man pulled on her hair and drove his cock deep into her pussy, she glanced up and saw Brian looking in from her open doorway. Stacie screamed in shock, and her hot fuck-session came to an abrupt end. Since then, she had been too embarrassed to face her son. However, following the talk with her friend, she decided it was time she a clear-the-air talk talk with him. By then it was evening, and Kyle had gone home. Having called Brian into her room and invited him to sit down, Stacie tried to justify the wanton scene he had witnessed earlier. It was not a common occurrence, she claimed. It simply happened. She had not meant for Brian to see it. She thought he was busy at the time. When his mother had finished, Brian asked pointedly how come she was allowed to screw around while he was forbidden it. Clearly her authority had been undermined by this recent show of hypocrisy. As a flustered Stacie struggled for a response, Brian followed up with another question. He had recently met a girl at an online dating site. Could he go see her? he asked. Now Stacie found her voice again. No FUCKING way! she answered emphatically. It was too big a risk. Brian’s record of impregnating women was shocking. This was a blow to Brian, but his mother seemed unmovable in her opinion. Still he pressed his case. He spoke of how he was going crazy, how a lack of sex was making him see things, how he was close to combusting from unfulfilled need. He was so insistent that Stacie knew something drastic had to be done to help him. It was then that she thought of a startling, far-out solution. Perhaps she personally could take could care of things for Brian? Perhaps she could ease his stress with a handjob? Although she was proposing something very taboo, she believed it had to be better than Brian going off and impregnating yet another woman. Her one condition was that he did not tell anyone about what she did. Brian duly promised her. He had no qualms about his own mother stroking his cock. She was a hot woman. In his horny eyes, that’s all mattered. And so, with terms agreed, mother and son began their forbidden business. With his pants and underwear cast aside, Brian lay back and welcomed his mother’s hand wrapping around his cock and moving daintily up and down its long hard shaft. For her own part, Stacie was very shy at first. She kept her eyes averted, and stuck to a basic handjob. In time, however, she loosened up and began to feel aroused by what was happening. Meanwhile, Brian realized a mere hand on his cock would not be enough to satisfy him. He was used to being sucked off by a woman. When he asked his mother to do the same, she reluctantly agreed. As before, she made a tentative start, but eventually took to the task with enthusiasm. From a few light licks of his cock head, she engulfed his whole length in her mouth, and fucked her lips up and down on it with an ever-increasing horniness. Yet Brian still was not satisfied. The only thing guaranteed to get him off was his mother’s pussy – he declared. With that, Stacie sighed, got onto her back, took off her panties, opened her legs, and presented herself for the fucking. Having already gone so far into taboo territory with her son, she figured there was not much point in turning back. Besides, there was the ever important fact that she would be keeping him from impregnating other women. She was willing to do anything for that. And fucking her own son was one of them. She told him to put on a condom. He certainly did not need a third pregnant woman in his life. Thus, she soon had him on top of her, pounding his big cock deep and hard into her maternal pussy. The sensation was so sweet for her that the act soon became a pleasure rather than a duty. As Brian thrust down, making her body spring off the mattress, she moaned and gasped in delight. It was the longest and best missionary fuck of Stacie’s life. To her delight, the fun did not end there. Her virile son had plenty of energy left. Getting his mom on all fours, he moved in behind and gave her a tremendous, dominating fuck. Slamming his hips against her butt, he caused her whole body to jolt and her big breasts to sway. Stacie herself cried out louder than ever from the extra-deep penetration of his cock. All of this was capped with a glorious mutual climax. While the deliriously happy mother came all over her son’s cock, Brian filled her fertile pussy with his own notoriously potent man-juice. Stacie was so far gone by then that the consequences of the act completely escaped her. Blissfully exhausted, she lay sprawled on her bed while Brian thanked her for the great fuck and gathered his things, and left. From Stacie’s pussy her son’s cum could be seen steadily dripping out. Oops, a broken condom. So satisfying was hers and Brian’s fuck that he never dabbled with any other women for the rest of his break. However, when he came back home for Christmas, he got the surprise of his life. Stacie was there to greet him with a big swollen belly and very rueful smile. Brian had really done it this time. He had impregnated his own mother!

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