Mother vs Daughter and her Boyfriend

Scene One: Cheating fuck
“I know it’s wrong fucking my step-daughters boyfriend, but he’s so hot” Cory says to herself getting dressed in her sexy dom outfit. She brings him into her room and sits him on the bed. He can’t keep his eyes off her. “I don’t think this is right, I can’t have sex with you” He tells her. But she doesn’t take no for an answer and seduces him. Cory sucks on his big dick until he’s so hard that he can’t help but do anything Cory says. They 69, Cory releasing every ounce of sexual energy into him. She slides his hard cock inside her and fucks him, knowing how hot it is making a man cheat with her. He cums all over her hairy pussy leaving Cory exhausted. “What the fuck!” Holly screams walking in and finding her boyfriend fucking her mom.

Scene Two: Dom Mom vs Daughter

“You dirty little whore of a step-mother!” Holly screams. She challenges Cory to a death match for the love of her man. Cory towers over the tiny Holly and asks if she’s ready for this. Cory throws her to the couch and licks her tiny pussy. “Who do you think you are you tiny little twat” Cory taunts her, telling her about fucking her boyfriend. “I’m going to make you cum and cum” Cory tells her. “Is that right?” Holly asks, injecting Cory with a tiny needle. “Does the poison burn?” Holly asks sliding the butt plug into Cory’s tight ass. Cory moans as the heat from the poison flows through her pussy. In and out the plug is jammed into her ass making her cum.
Broken and moaning Cory watches Holly put on a strap on and fuck her already sensitive pussy. “Oh it’s going in so deep!” Cory screams. Holly makes her cum over and over destroying Cory once and for all. “That’s for fucking my boyfriend!” Holly says, leaving Cory to her fate.

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