Mother Twisted Revenge

Sara’s husband had left her and her son for a younger woman and a jet set lifestyle. He was in his 50’s and wanted to have a more exciting life. Sara sent him threatening letters to pay alimony but he ignored them. Phil loved his mother and stayed by her side, working and attending collage he vowed to get back at his father one day. Sara was at her wits end. One afternoon she sat Phil down telling him how broke they were. She did not know how else to force her ex into giving her money. She thought about shocking him into it. Sara was desperate, she told Phil they should make a video of her giving him a blowjob and send it to the dad. This would piss him off because Sara would never suck his during their marriage. Phil was very surprised his mom wanted to do this but was also willing. They got the video camera out and she gave her son a blowjob. Sara sent the tape. He called her and told her that she was a whore. No money! Sara was furious, she told her son they were going to make another film for the asshole and this time there would be fucking! Phil was shocked but he loved her and he did it. They fucked each other in a few positions, Phil of course wore a condom. Sara told him to cum as hard as he could. When he did she removed the condom and played with the cum in it, She then looked into the camera and to Phil’s’ surprise she drank all of the sperm. Sara sent that tape to him, he responded again that she was a desperate old hag now fucking her own son. No money! Sara was now not thinking straight and brought her revenge to a whole new level, pregnancy! Phil would fuck her bare back and cum in her womb getting his mother pregnant. They did it, she welcomed his jizz deep inside her as she looked into the video camera. Phil was still rock hard so Sara took the opportunity to suck her son’s fertile cock off until he came across her face. Her husband could only impregnate her the one time, his sperm count was low and the doctors told him the one was all he would be able to produce. This was Sara’s revenge, His ego would suffer knowing her virile son was full of fertile sperm and he could knock her up as many times as they pleased. She showed the camera his cream pie leaking out. Later that week a huge settlement came in the mail along with a letter. Her husband begged her to take the money and keep quiet about his infertility problem. His young wife was trying to get pregnant and did not know he was no good. Now Sara and her son would have enough to pay for his college and the new arrival!!

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