Mother I Demand to Know!

Rachel had been divorced, her husband left her. He thought she was routine and boring. Rachel decided to change that for herself and began dressing slutty and going out to bars. Her stepson stayed to live with her. He loved her and was worried about her being all alone. Anthony wanted her to stay the way she was when his dad was around. He could not stand her acting like a slut. One of his buddies gave him a call and told him he saw her out at a bar. She was dressed in a short black latex tube dress and high red heels. He saw her dancing like a stripper and sneaking into the mens room for hours at a time. Anthony was furious; he had been up all night waiting for her to come home. He was sick with worry. Rachel came stumbling in at 2:00 am. Anthony drilled her with questions about what she was doing and with whom. Rachel became angry at his controlling attitude and snapped. She told him if he really wanted to know what she did she would show him. He was silent. Rachel had a mischievous grin on her face as she sat close to him. She ran her finger up his chest and whispered, do you want mother to show you? Her lips were dangerously close to his. He looked confused; he was not used to her behaving so seductively. Rachel did not hesitate; she pulled his pants off and got on her knees. Rachel took his cock in her hand and gave one long sultry glance as she opened her mouth and slid him inside her hot mouth. Anthony did not say a word, he could not believe his sweet, domestic step mom was on her knees with his cock in her mouth and it was the best feeling he ever had. Rachel continued sucking and stroking him then she looked him in the eye and asked if he wanted to see what else she did. Anthony followed her to the bedroom. Rachel stripped him and continued sucking his cock. She pulled her tits out and told him she would fuck him like she did the others. Rachel wanted to fuck the respect out of him. They fucked with Rachel riding; he fucked her missionary and sideways, finally blowing his load deep inside her. Rachel sat up satisfied with the dirty deed and ordered him to hang up her dress and put her shoes away. Anthony obeyed and left his stepmother to sleep.

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