Mother and Son’s Country Retreat

Rachel needed a break from her job and the stress of city life. She decided to book in at a remote, country inn. Her son came along reluctantly. The inn is very quiet. Only the inn owner’s wife is there. She is a MILF, like Rachel, and she greets her two guests warmly. The two women get to talking over a coffee. They make small talk about jobs and life at the inn and it turns out that the two women have a lot in common. The woman mentions she has a son the same age as Rachel’s. He is away at college (she hints that they are very close). Her husband is in the city. Later the woman enters to check that he is happy with his room. She tidies a few things up then approaches him on his bed. The young man is taken aback by the cougar’s manner as she begins confiding in him and stroking his cock through his pants. She tells him she like virile young studs his age. The young man does not what know what to do. But he does not have to. The woman leads the way. She gets him out of his clothes and sucks his cock and rides him. Naturally, they make a lot of noise and it is inevitable that Rachel hears them. She walks in and gasps with shock. She screams at the woman and walks out. But the woman is not flustered at all and she manages to get the young man to forget what happened and to continue fucking her. The next day, Rachel is distressed with her bags packed. The predominant noise is that of the woman and Rachel’s son fucking in the bedroom again. Rachel is at her wits end. She feels powerless in such a remote location and her son refuses to leave with her. Despite being angry with him she does not feel she can leave him behind. Reluctantly she goes to the woman’s bedroom and sees them through French doors. Inside, the moaning is very loud and try as she might Rachel cannot help being curious about what they are doing. Approaching the room, she peeks in guiltily. The woman is riding Rachel’s son again. She is moaning and clutching her breasts with her head tipped back in the throes of passion. The woman spots Rachel looking and Rachel is in a sense busted. The woman calls to her teasingly, telling her that she knows this turns her on and that she would be a fool to fight it. Rachel denies it, but she enters the room meekly, drawing toward the action. The woman tells Rachel that she need not be ashamed of wanting to join in. She adds that it must be hard for Rachel not to desire such a stud as her son. She reasons that women in their sexual primes – such as they are – need men of energy and stamina to keep them content. Why pass by one that lives right under her nose – especially when it is so hard and risky to look for guys anyway. To cap it off the woman says that she has been carrying on with her own son for a while and that she dearly misses his cock. The statement is a shock to Rachel, but it also causes her to consider getting it on with her son. She gets closer to the bed and the other woman draws her in. She then manages to talk Rachel into stroking her son’s cock. Rachel succumbs to her own lust and strips off her clothes offering herself to her beloved son. He fucks his mother in several positions releasing his frustrations. The woman encourages them. Finally Rachel pushes him off her and the woman suck him off onto their faces. Rachel and her son have finally bonded. Rachel asks if they can stay longer.

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Duration: 00:20:25
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