Mommy’s better than your wife

Hiiii honey! how are you??? been soo long since you haven’t visited your mother!you are a married man now and you don’t need me anymore?:)
oh,thank you for compliments,I did my best to look good today for you:)I am happy you still find me beautiful:) So tell me all about it!I want to know how does it feel to be married!Everything is good?I am happy for you:) how about your sexual life? I remember you were telling me she was a virgin and you were waiting for all the naughty sexy things to happen after the wedding.Sooo,how was it?oh come on!don’t be shy..we used to talk about everything and I know you veryy well.And I can say you are not happy with something.I want you to tell me what is it.pleaaasee?it will be our secret:)we already have so many secrets,we can have more:)OH NO! no blowjob from your wife?!?..honey..I..don’t know what to say..I remember we promissed to each other that after you get married we stop doing all those naughty things,but I know how much you love to have your cock kissed..licked..sucked..and I want you to be happy..that’s all that matters for me,my son’s happiness.Let’s make a deal:) you come to visit your lonely mother every week-end and I will give you what your wife can’t.this will be our it was for soo many see,even now you are mommas boy,because mommy’s better than your wife Smile

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  1. Moo says:

    Plz admin write us her name.

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