Mommy Wants a Baby

Scene One: Blackmail

I was jerking my hard cock to a photo of my aunt Cory yesterday morning when my mom just happens to walk in! I am so embarrassed! My mom promises me that she won’t tell any of my friends as long as I do one thing to help her out. I ask her what she needs help with and she tells me “I really want to get pregnant but your fathers sperm isn’t doing the job! I need some young sperm!” I resist at first but she keeps promising me that no one will find out about me jerking off to my aunt Cory. She gets down on her knees and starts to suck my cock until I am fully hard.

She lays back on the bed and tells me “Shut up and fuck me! I need a baby! All I need is your cum!” I stick my hard cock inside of her pussy and start to fuck my mommy. “I can’t wait to get pregnant,” she moans. I flip her over and start to fuck her in the doggy style position. “Fill mommy up!” she starts to moan. I tell her that I’m not ready yet so I suggest that she suck my cock a little bit to turn me on even more; So, that’s exactly what she does. I make sure not to cum in her mouth though, since you can’t make a baby that way. I stick my cock back inside of mommy’s pussy and she keeps begging for my cum. I end up cumming deep inside of her pussy… “That was perfect!” she tells me.

Scene Two: Two are Better Than One

My mom and aunt Cory call me in to my mom’s bedroom to tell me that they have some news. My mom’s pregnancy test came back negative but she is determined to get pregnant by me! My mom and my aunt have a great idea… This time, my aunt Cory is going to stay in the room while I fuck my mommy. I am really attracted to my aunt and I do jerk off to her pictures all the time, so maybe this will help me cum inside of my mommy even more. My mom instructs me to lay down on the bed and she says that she will take care of the rest. They both take their big tits out from underneath their dresses and my mom starts to give me a blowjob. Aunt Cory even sucks my cock a little bit too and I love every second of it! They both take turns sucking my cock until I am really hard… and then I finally stick my cock inside of my mom’s pussy! My aunt Cory rubs my mom’s clit while I fuck my mom’s pussy. I flip my mom over so I can fuck her pussy from behind and my aunt holds my mom’s ass cheeks while I fuck my mom. I take my cock out of my mom’s pussy for a minute so my aunt Cory can suck my mom’s pussy juice off of my cock. Then I shove my cock right back inside of my mommy’s pussy! “Come on, give mommy all that cum!” she begs me. I cum deep inside of her pussy and then I pull my cock out and watch my cum drip out of her pussy… there is so much cum dripping out of mommy!! I hope she gets pregnant this time…

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