Mommy Uses Son to Help with Taboo Impregnation

A sexy blonde MILF is on the phone with her husband and she is angry that he is not coming home as promised. She explains to him that she is ovulating and that if he really wants to impregnate her, he will come home straight away. When she realizes he is not coming home she decides to take matters into her own hands. With that she calls her adult son in and tells him to get naked. He is a bit apprehensive, but she is not about to waist this opportunity to get pregnant. She figures he might as well help her since he is home from college and not doing much anyway. He finally gets on the bed and she pulls up her dress and slides her pussy onto his thick cock for some taboo riding.
As she is fucking her own son she talks about how he is really helping mommy out and that his father is good for nothing. She wants to get pregnant and if that means getting the seed from her own son, then so be it. She continues the taboo session and even varies the way she rides him a bit. Mommy tells him that she wants a huge cumshot in her pussy so the impregnation takes. She also tells him that he is not to mention this to his father. This is something that needed to be done and he is being a loving son by helping mommy out. In no time at all he is pumping a hot load of cum inside his own mom and she remarks how she can feel it. She sits on him for a moment after he cums then reminds him to keep this chore to himself. She then climbs off him and tells him to clean up before she comes out to make dinner. He leaves and she has a look on her face of satisfaction. Even though she is still plenty mad at her husband, she was smart enough to use a bit of taboo ingenuity to help her goal of getting knocked up along.

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