Mommy Teachers Her Daughters

Mindi Mink is talking to her daughter Veruca James about her other daughter Dixie and how boring she is. Dixie comes in and is going to go to work until Veruca and Mindi convince her to stay home. They all get to talking and drinking wine while watching a movie. While talking they discover that Dixie has never kissed a boy before. Mindi has a perfect idea that Dixie and Veruca should practice on each other.Mindi Mink, Veruca James, and Dixie Comet are all the couch passed out sleeping after their night of drinking wine and chatting. Veruca wakes up and moves Dixies arm off of her mom Mindi.Get away from my mommy. Veruca Starts Undressing and kissing her mom and telling her about all of her favorite times they had together when she was growing up while she sensually kisses her all over. She takes Mindis pants off and start licking her pussy. Mindi moans with pleasure.I have the best mommy in the world. Mindi is moaning so loud she wakes up her other daughter Dixie.what the fuck!? are you kidding me!?Dixie Comet wakes up slightly drunk and upset that her sister Veruca was eating out her her mom Mindi Mink and not her! They start to undress Dixie and Veruca starts licking her virgin pussy. She takes it really slow for Dixie because its her first sexual experience ever.You want to taste my pussy?Mindi starts teaching Dixie and showing her how to eat her sister Veruca out, nice and slow just like they were kissing. She keeps eating out her sister until she cums and all three of them share it with a nice and hot three way kiss.

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Resolution: 960×540
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