Mommy Doesn’t Want to Sleep Alone

Part One – Mom Doesn’t Want to Sleep AloneI am sleeping when my mom knocks and comes in. She just doesn’t feel like sleeping alone she she lays in bed with me like she did when I was little. This is awful. I have been having these thoughts about my mom. I should roll over so I don’t risk her seeing my rock hard bulge. But instead, I cuddle up closer to her. It builds so slowly, but I am kissing her neck and she moans softly. We never even need to say anything, and it just happens. She feels os good, everything she does! I can’t hold back and I cum all over her while she just looks at me, like she wants me to cover her.

Part Two – Mom Needs Me It has been a few weeks since that one amazing night. We never talked about it and mom hasn’t been back to sleep with me. But she has been wearing less and less around the house. Finally, barely wearing anything at all she lays on the couch with me. We don’t really talk, and, now I know, this is something my mom just needs from me.

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