Mom, This is Important!

Rachel regularly provides oral relief to her son prior to his big sports events he participates in at school. But she is away on a business trip and cannot perform this duty. This is his most important game of the year as talent scouts will be there. The son calls her and pleads with her to do something about it. Rachel asks him to put his little sister Penny on the phone at which point Mom explains that she needs her to do a favor and suck off her brother. Penny is shocked and reluctant but eventually agrees. Rachel also explains that it is important to let him cum in her mouth and that she needs to show her brother the cum in her mouth before she swallows it. Rachel masturbates while talking dirty to her son on the phone. He blows his load in Penny’s mouth and leaves for his game. He does great. A few days later Rachel returns from her trip and the son has another final game he is very nervous about winning. He asks mom if both could help relieve his tension. Rachel agrees and starts with her son first. Penny is called into the room to help. Rachel and daughter suck him together. Rachel instructs her daughter to fuck her son until he is ready to cum. She does so because she knows if he wins this game they will be financially set for life. The son cums all over mom and sister’s face. They share the load in front of him. Now he is ready for the big game!

File size: 273MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 00:25:40
File type: WMV


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