Mom Sucks & Fucks Son & Brother

Alex calls his Uncle Tony to come over and talk about his Mom (Tony’s sister).Apparently her entire personality is different since her husband is away on business most of the time. She has become frumpy, wearing sweats everywhere and not being her usual cheery self. Uncle Tony has a solution, a cd that plays through headphones of ocean waves but with commands under the sound that only her subconscious mind can hear. Alexis listens reluctantly and soon is seemingly more relaxed. Tony takes away the headset and asks her how she feels. She says that she feels hot and horny. She needs cock now and she wants to be filled with cum! This is more than Tony or Alex expected as Tony has never actually used the cd on anyone before, but Alexis wants to get fucked right now and Tony and Alex give her what she wants. She sucks one while the other fucks her and then Alex fills her with his cum and then Tony follows up with his cum.
She is left with a pussy full of her son’s and her brother’s cum!
(MILF Alexis first B/B/G on film! Don’t miss out!!!) Scenario: Alex is asking his Uncle Tony for advise. He is about to have a threesome for the first time and he is not confident he will do well. Uncle Tony tells him that his Mom can help, and calls in his Mom Alexis. Alexis agrees to help her son by having a threesome with her son and her brother. She sucks their cocks and then lets them take turns fucking her while she sucks the other one’s cock. Her brother cums deep inside of her pussy, but she wants her son’s cum on her face, so when he is ready to cum he pulls it out of her pussy and sprays her face with goo.

File size: 449MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:45:36
File type: MP4


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