Mom fucks Stepson while Stepsister watches

Your MILF of a mom is in the living room and cleaning up a bit when she spots you. You are all set to go on a big date and she points you that you have a raging hard-on. She tells you that you simply can’t go out hard like that so she comes up with a naughty and taboo idea.
She knows you like to look up mom’s skirt and though you try to deny it, she knows it is true. She tells you that to help you out, she is going to let you look at her pretty cunt and have you wank for her so you can quickly get a sexual release before your big date. You just can’t go into it with a huge hard-on.
She takes her panties off and hand them to you and then sits on the couch to give you some naughty upskirt views of her pretty cunt. Mom then starts to give you taboo JOI and details how she wants you to wank for her. She tells you how to jerk for her and even what hand, or hands, to use while you do.
She then squats down for even more upskirt views of her pretty little pussy. As she continues to show off her pretty cunt for you and mom can see that you are getting close to cumming. She tells you to use her panties and cum in them. As you cum she tells you to catch every last drop in her panties. She marvels at how much you came, but then reminds you that you need to be getting on your way to pick up your date. Mom was happy to help and will be anxious to hear all about your date when you get back home.

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