Mom, Can We Stay Home Tonight?

I am soooo excited that I am free to dress and behave however I want and not hear comments from Mr Noir! I want to get out of the house and enjoy wearing skimpy clothes for my NEW MAN – my Son, Edward! But he has other ideas…

I am excited to show off a new top I bought that is lacy and barely covers my DD tits! I have my short shorts on and unbuttoned, no bra and I am looking like a modern hippy but Edward is not happy and told me that I was not going out looking like that! However! He did not really mean that I looked bad.. No! He meant I looked slutty and it was making him horny so he suggested we should stay in! Okay! I got down on my hands and knees and sucked his cock, deepthroating it, spitting on it while he slapped my face with it! I squirted each time his large cock slid into my throat… I caught some and fed the juice to my Son which he spit back into my mouth!! I need to fuck him and climbed on top of his rod and rode him till I CAME HARD! I got off and told him to fuck me from behind and his huge cock fucked me HARD! Pounded me!! I CAME AGAIN and then he decided to cum on and in my pussy!! I turned over… he fucked me deep, then grunted as he filled me up with Son Sperm! Ohhhhh! Hot jizz filling me up!! I could not believe when he stuck his finger in and scooped cum out to feed me!

OHH!! YOU ARE SUCH AS NASTY BOY!! Are you hungry?!?

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