Mom came home from dancing with her friends

When mom was about to leave, waiting for her uber, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked … She came down stairs in a stunning short black skirt that was cut mid thigh and a sleeveless blouse that fit very snuggly showing off her ample breasts. My mom had her mid length blonde hair perfectly styled and up, which allowed her to show off the diamond earrings she was wearing and the pearl necklace she had around her neck. I rarely ever saw her in makeup, yet her face was painted like it was a masterpiece.
I decided to just stay home and played video games in the living room most of the night while drinking some beers. Mom came home a little after 11 PM, I heard her stumbling around outside with her house key, and I was kind of dozing off but she made enough noise coming in to wake me up.
Mom started calling my name as she walked towards the living room, I decided to not respond and see if I could tell how drunk she was.
She gently touched my shoulder and said my name but I chose not to respond. She sat down next to me and said my name again. Next she rests her hand on my upper thigh over my boxers. She seemed content that I was asleep.. then she removed her jacket and lay down next to me on the sofa.
Mom has very nice legs. They are perfectly tanned, and very long and luscious. I have found myself staring at them many times in the past week. They looked exceptional tonight. Her skirt was hike up to her panties, and her bare legs were partially spread. I peeked at her silky panties beneath her skirt.
I realized her skirt had ridden up and My cock was hard as steel, as I looked at Mom’s legs. My eyes once again focused on her panties. She had now spread her legs further apart, and I could see a glimpse of her pink pussy for just a moment. My cock twitched and jerked in my pants. I could feel the precum as it seeped from my swollen cock head. I needed relief, and knew that I should just go to my room and jack off, but I was fascinated watching Mom as she tossed about on the couch in a drunken buzz.
I eventually decided to “pretend” to wake up. Mom was sorta dozing off but she told me she went dancing with a couple of her girlfriends. She said her feet really hurt and asked If I would rub them!
I was able to give her a good foot massage for about 20-30 minutes using lotion.
I had massaged mom’s shoulders before, but now she was asking for a foot massage and wearing that outfit… Of course I told her, but hoped I didn’t sound too anxious. I grabbed some lotion and watched her lay on her stomach. Her luscious ass was barely covered and I got so horny.
I didn’t have to be told twice. I squirted some lotion into my hands and moved down to her feet. I massaged her feet a little, rubbing the lotion on them and then slowly moved up one calf, switching to the other and then back. I worked my way up to her thighs and almost came when she spread her legs for me. God, she was so fucking hot. I slipped my hands as close as I could get to her cunt without directly touching it. My body was aching from being hard so long and not getting any release. I pulled away mentally fighting with myself and she sighed and said don’t stop, honey.
I had to bite my lip hard not to moan when she said that in that innocent delicious tone. I slid my hands back to her legs, massaging her thighs all the time looking at her cunt which was pressing against her panties almost enough that I could see it, and her ass. I got closer and closer to her cunt once again and this time she spread her legs wide for me. I paused and looked up at her, wanting to make sure we were thinking the same thing before I went further. She was just resting with her eyes closed and a half smile on her face.
That was all the approval I needed. I moved my hand forward and gently touched her cunt through her panties. She moaned softly and spread her legs even more. I couldn’t take it. Her face was down in the couch. I didn’t want to cum, I didn’t want to have to stop. So every time I was close to shooting off, and would stop and give myself time to slow down even though my hand on her never stopped. After a few minutes, her legs started to close and I thought she didn’t want more, so I pulled my hand away. But she lifted her ass up off of the couch and pushed her panties down as far as she could and then I pulled it off the rest of the way and dropped it by the chair. Again I almost came right there. Her delicious ass was even more delicious than I had thought. And she spread her legs for me again. I leaned down and saw her lips part and how wet she was. I reached forward with my finger and barely slid it inside her slit. She moaned for me and I pushed my finger up and down the length of her slit, stopping at her clit to tease her a little and then moving down to her opening. I gently pushed one of my fingers inside her, centimeter by centimeter and I heard her breath slowly intake. She moaned loudly as I got my entire finger inside of her. I moaned right back this time. She was so wet and tight.
I decided not to press my luck and moved back to moms legs at some point. She was kind of dozing off and I asked her if she wanted help to bed. She said the massage felt so good she didn’t want it to stop so I asked if she wanted me to massage the rest of her body. She stood up and removed the rest of her clothes without saying a word. I worked on her shoulders and back for a good while, as I continued to massage mom’s back, I would include massaging her sides, which would bring me into close contact with the sides of her tits as I worked my fingers delicately during her massage. For some odd reason, it had become a game with me to see how long, and then how far I could go. I eventually had roamed my hands all over her ass and legs, her back and sides.

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  1. Joe Francis says:

    My heart was beating like a drum reading this, so was my hard on. It must have been a made up story, right. For me, 10 out of 10.

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