Molly Jane in Helping My Daughter With Sex

Molly comes back home from taking her final exam “I got a 100 plus the extra credit!” she says excitedly. To thank her daddy Molly says she wants to do something she has not done with anyone. “I want you to fuck me and cum in my mouth” she tells him. She strips off her clothes and rubs her pussy making her dad get hard.

He fucks his daughter on the bench making her moan with high pitched squeaks for her daddy. He fucks her until he is ready to cum, ecstasy washing over Molly as her dad’s cock fucks deep inside her. Telling her to get to her knees he explodes over his daughters pleading face. “Thanks dad” she tells him

They sit naked on the bench coming down from their sex high when mom walks in topless. “What’s going on” she asks. Molly excitedly explains about the test and Cory smiles. “Thanks for helping her study” she tells him and the girls smile knowing there will be many “Study” sessions in the future for this family.

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