Mind Control, Father’s Lust, Deceitful Daughter

Misty lived alone with her wealthy, hardworking, divorced father, Joe. She was a total daddy’s girl towards him – loving him to bits, happily taking care of his home and cooking him meals. Most of all wanted to be the only woman in his life. One day, while Joe was out of his office, Misty sneaked in and snooped around. Under pile of papers on his desk she found a folder containing explicit photos of naked women. Immediately she grew excited at the thought of her father stroking his big cock to the sexy images. Sitting back in his chair, turning over the various pages, she started to rub her pussy through her hot pants. Soon she was wet and breathless and filled with fantasies of seducing her father. Clearly he needed some sex and attention. If Misty provided it, she might stop her father from turn to some unworthy woman and wasting his hard earned money on them. Being naturally cunning, she devised a plan of action in no time. Later that day, Joe came home tired from a string of intense business meetings. Misty greeted him with her usual perky sweetness. After given him several daughterly kisses, she convinced him to sit down and relax, then went to pour him a glass of scotch. Out of sight in the kitchen, she added a special little ingredient of her own: a pill that would make her father drowsy and vulnerable to suggestion. She then brought the scotch out and handed it to her father. Joe was very touched by his daughter’s apparent kindness. Gratefully he sipped the drink while telling her about his day. Very soon, he started to feel light-headed and confused. Misty watched him intently. The moment had come. Suddenly standing up, she began to strip off while talking teasingly to her father about the pictures she had found in his office. Joe’s defenses were down. He could not think straight – could not focus on the fact that something taboo seemed to be happening between him and his own daughter. All he understood was that she had a nubile, pert-titted figure that he lusted to touch. In an instant, Misty was standing over his head, lowering her naked pussy to his mouth. Joe eagerly lapped at it, circling his tongue around his daughter’s clit and spearing it inside of her. The young woman ground her hips and gasped and moaned in ecstasy. She spoke kinkily to her father – the comments of a depraved daddy’s girl. Having been eaten out for a long and thrilling time, Misty turned her attention to her father’s cock. She wanted to return the favor he had done for her. She stroked, licked and sucked it for all she was worth – passionately fucking her mouth up down the cock’s thick length until it was hard could be. Joe had never felt more aroused. He had a mad desire to fuck his daughter’s now. Misty smiled when he growled the intention to her. There was nothing she wanted more than her daddy’s big cock inside of her – filling her up, stretching her wet pussy. In a moment, the dream had come true. Misty was on her hands and knees; her father was behind her – fucking her with a passion. She moaned and cooed at his every deep cock-stroke. She urged her father on with plenty of taboo dirty talk. Joe’s responses were equally filthy. He loved the feel of his daughter’s tight pussy clenching his cock. This epic, intense fuck, was followed by another in the missionary position. Misty lay with were legs as wide apart as she get them. She wanted her father to drill his cock as deep into her as it would go. She was not disappointed. Joe used all his experience to get his daughter off. He pumped his meat into her with expert skill. Breathlessly, Misty spoke of how wonderfully big it felt inside of her. Finally, they returned to the doggy-position, enjoying a last, frantic fuck. By now the father and daughter were like lustful animals. Joe growled, Misty’s cries of pleasure filled the room, and depraved dirty-talk passed rapidly back and forth. Then, at last, the passion came to a climax. With his daughter’s orgasming pussy clenching down on his cock, Joe let rip his whole cum load, flooding her womb. He delivered up so much that it eventually overflowed and began trickling out of Misty in creamy white rivulets. Later, Joe would not remember a thing about his encounter with his daughter. The pill in his scotch would see to that. Misty, on the other hand, would recall and cherish it forever. Aside from experiencing the unforgettable joy of fucking her own beloved father, she was also delighted to think that he may have made her pregnant. Now she could have absolute control over him. No other women could louse things up. It would be just her, her daddy, and his money.

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