Mind Control and Secret Treasures

Alex bought some magic jewelry from a gypsy woman at a theme park. The various pieces allowed him to control the minds of whoever wore them – without their ever knowing. With such power in his hands, the young man could not resist trying to live out his ultimate fantasy of fucking his own hot mother, Rachel. On giving her a diamond pendant as a present, he was delighted to find she would do anything he wanted. Over the next few months, Alex turned his hypnotized mother into his total sex-slave. Night after night he would go to his mother’s bedroom and get her to lovingly suck his cock and take it deep into her sweet tight pussy. He fucked her so often, however, that Rachel could not remain completely oblivious of what was going on. She often woke in the morning believing she could taste cum in her mouth. The final straw came when she had a particularly vivid dream in which she was wearing nothing but garters while kneeling between her son’s legs and mouth-fucking him with a passion. Startled awake by the realness and the taboo nature of the scene, Rachel immediately placed distressed calls to her friends, Jessica and Stacie. With the two women in attendance, Rachel managed to confess her awful theory that her own son was somehow taking advantage of her at night. Though shocked, both women were very supportive of Rachel. Yet they could not believe Alex would do anything so wicked. They both thought him a charming young man. Nevertheless, Rachel convinced both of them to stay over and be on the alert for any suspicious activity. That night, something woke Jessica. She got out of bed and quietly explored the house. Reaching the door of Rachel’s room, she got the shock of her life. Her friend was on her knees in a skimpy nightgown. Standing boldly before her was her naked son. She was hungrily and willingly sucking on his cock while her husband slept blissfully. Jessica continued to watch in disbelief as the couple moved onto the bed. There Rachel lay back and spread her legs. Alex got between them and started fucking his mom hard and deep as they French-kissed. Then, all of a sudden, he glanced up and caught Jessica spying. As Jessica turned and fled back to her room, Alex reluctantly pulled his cock out his mind-controlled mom and quickly got dressed. Some time later, after much fretting, Jessica fell asleep in her bed. Her intention was to tell Rachel everything in the morning. But she did not bank on Alex’s cunning plan. While the woman lay unawares, Alex sneaked in and slipped a bracelet round her wrist. He then paid a visit to Stacie and put a ring on her finger. The next day, the three friends breakfasted together and discussed their experiences from the previous night. Jessica had already been affected by the bracelet. Instead of remembering that the scene between Rachel and her son had been real, she now thought it was just a dream triggered by all that Rachel had told her. Both Jessica and Stacie were also surprised to find themselves wearing the new pieces of jewelry. Despite neither of them knowing where the items had come from, they found them enchanting and decided to keep them on. The two friends then agreed to stay another night with Rachel, since her husband would be away a few more days. On that second night, while all the women were once again asleep in bed, Alex crept in on Jessica and Stacie and touched their jewelry. At this signal, they both entered a state of aroused hypnosis, and went into his mother’s bedroom. True to Alex’s fantasy, the trio of hotties began making out with each other. They were a gorgeous sight in their skimpy nightgowns, and Alex soon had a huge erection that he needed the women to take care of. Together and in turns, the three of them hungrily stroked and sucked his cock and licked his balls. Alex then fucked Stacie on her back while she and Jessica sucked and licked Rachel’s tits and pussy. The women enjoyed themselves that way for a good long time. Then Alex decided to fuck his mother’s other friend. Getting Jessica on her hands and knees, he pumped his long cock into her pussy like no man ever had before. The air was filled with moans and the sounds of the women licking and kissing and sucking every inch of each other. Finally, it was time for Alex to cum. Like good, eager sex-slaves, his mother and her two friends knelt expectantly before his big, throbbing cock. Their smiling mouths opened to catch every tasty drop of the young man’s creamy load. When it was all over, their chins and cheeks glistening with cum, the three women exchanged kisses and snuggled up into bed together. In the morning they would remember nothing. As Alex watched them drift off to sleep, he thanked the day he had gone to the theme park. Because of the mind-controlling jewelry, he could look forward to a future of endless, torrid orgies with his mother and her two MILF friends.

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