Loving My Mother

His mom comes in, she can’t sleep. Since dad is gone mom has been seeming really lonely. She is either working or working out. Tonight she just needs to sleep next to someone.
Nina didn’t expect what happened, but it was like her son knew what she needed. They really didn’t have to talk. There were just no words necessary
It’s been almost two weeks since that night. Rion can’t stop thinking about it. Of course his mom hasn’t said anything. What can you say? Now he is watching her working out in her bedroom. Her body is amazing he can’t stop looking, and then….he realizes she knows he is watching. She gestures for him to come into the room
Nina can feel her son’s eyes on her. God, if she gets any wetter with will soak through her yoga pants. Nina gives him a little wave to bring him in, guiding him without words for what they both need. She wants it hard, and deep but first she is going to guide his mouth where she needs it, he wants to say something but she stops him

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  1. Mike says:

    What is the name of the mother

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