Little Sister Gets airtight

Last night Vixxen had seen her Littler Sister sucking their Dad’s cock and decided to confront her about it. At first the Little slut denied it until Vixxen showed her a pic of that depraved act! Jessie told her big Sister that she was just jealous because Daddy likes her more! Vixxen grabs her Little brat of a Sister and throws her on the ground and telling her what her punishment should be. Since Mom is not around anymore her big Sister has to be the enforcer which is a role Vixxen enjoys very much. She begins by slapping her and pulling her ponytails. Then it’s on to her spanking. Vixxen then forces her to lick her pussy which Jessie does not want to do. Vixxen says since Dad did not fuck you last night, I will. She puts on her strap-on and makes her gag on it. Then fucks her in a few different positions making Jessie say that she like her Sister fucking her more then sucking Dad’s cock. Just as Jessie was having yet another orgasm, their Dad walks in. Vixxen tells her Dad what she saw last night and if he was going to treat Jessie like a slut then so would she. She tells him to get his cock out and start gagging his younger Daughter with it. Jessie is in heaven. Her Dad’s cock down her throat and her big Sisters strap-on in her tight cunt! When Daddy’s is ready he unleashes his warm load into her awaiting mouth! She finally feels like an important part of the family.

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Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:15:36
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