Lisa’s First Love

Another day gone by without hearing from mom. Opening the door to the house after from school I see daddy asleep on the couch. He’s been up most nights wondering and worried about mom. After this last fight, she left to take a break, however in the long run it was hurting me too. Sitting down to take off my boots, looking at my daddy nice and peaceful, he awakens to see me looking at him. “Have you heard from mom?” I ask, “Not yet, but hoping soon.” Seeing that we both miss her terribly daddy pats the side of the couch and I automatically get up to him. Both of us needing to feel comfort of the other. Laying there in his arms I felt so safe, so loved, so wanted, and so unbelievably horny. I’ve never had sex or an orgasm and am still a virgin.. Daddy knows this.. but his hands caressing my body feel so good… I don’t want him to stop. My perky little boobies are straining to feel his hand run over my nipples… and they do.. “Oh, Daddy.” The words escape my mouth before I realize it… his hand finds my little clit and begins to stroke it over my white panties. My breath gets faster, this feels so good, OMG, what is going on.. I don’t want it to stop, I’ve never felt like this before and so glad to have my daddy show me for the first time. Pulling my panties down he touches me more and I feel my pussy get wet from his touch. He rubs me so much that I feel this strange feeling wash over me, it feels amazing, and so strong… I have my first orgasm and don’t even realize it. He pulls his cock out, I can feel his skin against mine, it’s hot, and soft, and begins to rub my pussy with it, wow… his cock is so soft, yet hard. He pushes his cock back and forth against my pussy, the wetness from my pussy making it so slick, so wet, and we both climax at the same time. Worn out from the new experience I fall asleep in his arms as he whispers he loves me in my ear.

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