Lets Fuck Your Mom

Mickey and Michelle are on vacation with their Son, Rodney. They have checked into their Hotel…but their is a problem. They have been given a room with only one bed!! Michelle calls the front desk to notify them of the mistake…but bad news….apparently their is a Convention in Town….and there are no more rooms available!!! Mickey and his Son Rodney turn a game on the TV, while Michelle gets ready for bed. The only Pyjamas Michelle has brought on Vacation, is a sexy, red Nightie…which catches her Husband’s attention right away!!! When Michelle gets in bed…………Mickey can’t help but start to kiss his Hot, Sexy Wife…despite the embarrassed Rodney begging his Parents to stop making out in front of him. As his Parents continue to make out…Rodney can’t help but get excited at the site of his Mom’s Smoking Hot Ass!!! Both of Rodney’s Parent’s encourage him to act on his “Taboo Urges”….and kiss his Mom!!! Michelle kisses her Son passionately…..until her Husband tells her to suck her Son’s cock!!! Mickey and Michelle are both impressed at the enormous size of their Son’s cock! Michelle has not had a hard, young cock inside her, since Mickey was young….so she asks her Son to fuck her!!! Rodney puts on a condom, and begins to pound away at his Mother….while she sucks his Dad’s cock. Young Rodney gets so excited as he fucks his Mother hard…that he cums prematurely…..and dumps the cum all over his Mom!!! Next, it’s Dad’s turn. Rodney watches as his Dad fucks his Mom…and cums all over her!!! Michelle gets soaked!!! All over her body….her face….her head….and her hair!!! “This is going to be a great Vacation” Michelle says.

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Duration: 00:14:56
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