Leihla and her Father

Rachel and Leihla have been butting heads. Rachel has threatened to leave her husband if Leihla does not start showing her some respect and helping out around the house. Leihla’s father does not want to lose either of them. He and Leihla have a sexual relationship that Rachel has no idea about. They decide to put Rachel at ease by being extra nice to her. Leihla is on the living room couch wearing a strapless pink and yellow summer-dress and giving her daddy a deep, loving blowjob when the lock in the front door turns. She and her father quickly sit up and straighten their clothes. In walks Rachel, tired from a hard day at work. She and her husband chat a little. Her husband casually mentions that he and their daughter have been sitting around talking about school. Rachel nods and Leihla pipes up that she has a surprise for her. What is that? Rachel asks. Leihla is all sweetness as she tells her mother that she has vacuumed her bedroom, made her bed and done the dishes. Rachel cannot believe it. She checks Leihla’s room to be sure. She is amazed to find her daughter is telling the truth. Rachel starts thinking she and Leihla might get along fine from now on. She leans over and gives Leihla a peck on the lips, not tasting her husband’s cock there. Leihla lets her mother know she has also run a bubble-bath. Rachel thanks Leihla and says she is going to have a nice long soak before preparing dinner. Leihla and her father tell Rachel they will take care of that too. Rachel wants to pinch herself. Her husband and daughter are suddenly so kind! She heads happily toward the bathroom, saying she will be in there a long time relaxing and listening to her headphones. Leihla says she will call her when dinner is ready. She and her father wait till the coast is clear then get back to making out. Her father peels the top of her dress down and starts kissing and sucking her bare breasts. Leihla loves her daddy’s affection and her nipples are soon swollen with arousal. They are both excited at carrying on right under Rachel’s nose. While she lazes in the hot tub, Leihla is bending down to suck her father’s cock again. Once she has made it good and big, she stands up and removes her panties and dress and straddles daddy’s lap. He gets a sweet face full of her breasts as she sits on his cock. Leihla wraps things up by getting on her knees and sucking and jerking her father until he shoots a load of cum over her mouth and chin. When they are done, they wonder what to do about Rachel’s dinner. Order the bitch a pizza, grunts Leihla’s father.

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