Karinne and Peter Corrupt Their Mother

Karinne is still worked up after sucking her brother’s cock. Their mother’s early arrival home had kept her from her ultimate goal, a good fuck. She resumes her litany of complaints about how square their mother was. She suddenly decides that she is going to take charge of the household and make her mother loosen up. She tells her brother that she has an idea. She undresses him and then leads him by the hand into her mother’s bedroom. Rachel sleeps like a rock and never hears them enter the room. Karinne knows from her sneaking out that her mother will sleep through just about anything. After they enter Rachel’s bedroom, Karinne pulls down the covers. She is surprised to see that Rachel does not have any panties on under her nightgown and that her pussy is shaved bare. Karinne starts feeling her mother’s tits and teasing her brother. She rolls her onto her back and spreads her legs. She tells her brother to get down there to resist Karinne’s orders. Karinne pulls off Peter’s boxers while he is going down on his mother so that she can feel his cock. Rachel is moaning in her sleep under his ministrations. He slides two fingers into her pussy and she wakes up as he hits her G spot. Karinne holds her down so she cannot get away. Rachel is so horny that she can barely resist with her daughter sucking her tits and her son jamming his fingers deep inside her pussy while licking her clit. Karinne is completely in charge by this time. She shows her mother how she sucks her brother’s cock and then tells her mother to do the same. Rachel kneels in front of her son and starts sucking his cock while Karinne caresses her tits and her brother’s balls. Karinne is tired of just watching so she directs Peter to fuck Rachel from behind. Karinne lies on her back in front of her mother and makes her suck her pussy while she is getting fucked from behind. Karinne instructs Peter not to cum because she is going to jerk him off onto his mother’s face. Peter cannot believe what is happening. He finds himself kneeling in front of his nude sister and mother with his mother’s cock in her mouth. Karinne pulls his cock from his mother’s mouth and jerks him off all over Rachel’s face and in her mouth. With cum dripping off her face she tells her they are grounded.

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