Jessica Asks Daddy To Teach Her How To Fuck

Shy, innocent Jessica comes into Daddy’s room and looks very nervous. She asks him for help with boys and then says she needs him to teach her about sex. He tells her to speak to her mum but she says she wants to speak to him as he is a man and suddenly starts groping the front of his trousers. Before he knows what is happening she has undone his trousers and pulled his cock out. He tells her to stop but she isn’t listening and quickly wanks it to an erection. She tells Daddy what a lovely cock he has and then shoves it in her mouth and gives him an amazing blowjob which removes any of his doubts about what they are doing. When she gets onto the bed and sticks her ass out at him he takes the opportunity to slide his cock into his own daughter’s tight, wet cunt. He fucks her in numerous positions with Jessica telling him “you don’t need mummy any more, just fuck me whenever you want Daddy!” Her filthy talk and sexy toned body have the old man very horny and he eventually pulls out and spunks all over her legs and pussy – just as her uncle walks in the door! He asks what on earth is going on but when Daddy asks him if he wants a go at Jessica’s pussy, Uncle John doesn’t hesitate . .

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Resolution: 1024×576
Duration: 00:15:54
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