Jayden Rae in Mom Needs Anal

Scene One: Making sure my son is awake

Jayden dressed in tight yoga pants wakes her son up for the day. When he does not want to get up she sits right on top of him and bounces on his bed to get him to wake up. “You can’t sleep while I’m jumping on your bed?” she asks teasing her son. Her tight ass on his cock makes him get hard and she pulls back the sheets to see what she is bouncing on. Jayden is embarrassed when she sees her son’s cock and quickly covers him back up.
With a wicked smile on her face she asks him if he likes her perfect ass. She seductively rubs herself on him and plays with her tits loving the attention she is getting. Taking off her top she pinches her nipples and plays with her big breasts for him, grinding furiously against him. Pulling the blanket off him Jayden rubs her pussy on his cock. She asks if he is getting close to cumming and plays with his cock. She teases him some more asking if he wants to cum on his mom’s yoga pants. When he is on the edge of cumming she stops telling him that he can look but not cum. Knowing that he will not be getting back to sleep she smiles and leaves. Her job is done here.

Scene Two: Revenge of the wake up call

Still dressed in her outfit from this morning she goes into her son’s room to collect his laundry. She reaches under the bed to get a T-shirt and gets stuck. Her bracelet has gotten attached to the frame of his mattress. On all fours with her butt in the air she calls downstairs to her son playing video games to come help

Scene Three: Teaching Mom’s Ass

The next day Jayden finds herself bound on the floor of her sons room begging to be let free. Her son threatened to tell everyone about fucking her unless she does what he says. The son walks into the room with a pair of scissors and slowly cuts her clothing off her struggling body. Striped naked her son fucks her, making her moan with pleasure.
Taking his cock he tells her to suck him deep, tasting her own juices. With his wet cock he enters her ass, filling her. A look of horror crosses her face as the son makes her lube his cock again with her mouth. He fucks her ass again until he is on the verge of cumming. She cums hard screaming out that she loves getting her ass fucked. His cock goes into Jayden’s mouth again and he cums making her swallow. The pleasure of her orgasm lets her swallow him all. She is left tied up and tired out.

Scene Four: I need your cock in my ass

Jayden dressed in tight lingerie, stockings, heels and bright make-up wakes her son up for the day. She sits on top of him and bounces on his cock. She tells him that she needs to feel him inside her again, that she wants his large cock to fill her ass and fuck her like a porn star.
The son does what his mom wants and fucks her ass silly. Jayden smiles and takes his dirty cock like a starving woman into her mouth sucking him hard. He fucks her again each time making her suck and jerk his cock with her bright red lips. She cums just from ass fucking and has a shuttering orgasm. She begs him to cum on her face and make her feel slutty and he jerks his load over her. Covered in cum she knows that she wants to be her son’s anal whore for the rest of her life.

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